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December Community Update

Welcome to 2021! Hopefully, you have enjoyed Christmas and had overall a great time in December. We are convinced that GamerCoin developments in the last month of 2020 surely gave positive vibes to the $GHX investors. Let’s wrap up all the important news!

Before that, just note from the GamerHash team: December was a time of lots of exhausting work, yet we always kept a positive attitude. What we have been working on for most of the year (launching $GHX) is achieved, sometimes in a way that exceeded our expectations. Seems like we’re looking for a bright future ahead!

Whitepaper Registered in Malta

November was full of great news for $GHX, like raising the $2.8M Hard Cap. It felt great but there was so much more to come! In December, we all found out that GamerCoin’s WhitePaper is being registered by the Maltese Financial authorities — a huge milestone! It means that GamerHash is paving the way for other European crypto companies as we are probably the first startup to launch a token in the new, much safer investing regulatory regime in Malta.

The process of obtaining a license wasn’t easy. It took three legal teams and months of work. It consisted not only of meeting the legal requirements but also of many audits such as Technical (Smart Contract), Team check, and many more.

Malta is definitely a great place to be as a blockchain startup, as it is often called Blockchain Island. In the case of GamerHash, it is also a “success island”, not only we got the Maltese authorities’ approval but as you might remember we have also won there the Top 10 Startup competition at Malta AI & Blockchain Summit!

GamerCoin is live

After regulatory approval, we have launched $GHX Smart Contract, and now all the investors can withdraw their coins from the panel. It’s time to claim your coins and withdraw them to your ETH wallet. MetaMask or MyEtherWallet are going to be great for that. We recommend making first the test withdrawal of 100 GHX to check if your wallet supports GamerCoins.

If you are not sure how to do it just check this article:

Lots of Christmas fun

During this Christmas, there were a lot of ways to have fun activities on GamerHash Discord channels, such as talking about your favorite games to win Golden Steam Keys or watching together gaming streams of the GamerHash team members. There was even a possibility to win Cyberpunk 2077!

The Polish GamerHash community loves to play Minecraft! Therefore, we have created a server. It’s a non-premium, so everyone is invited:

Of course, there was a way to win some prizes on New Year’s Eve, too. If you are reading this and still not decided to join our Discord you are missing out on a lot!

Media about us

GHX reaching Hard Cap, getting approval for Maltese Financial authorities and constant improvements of the GameHash platform didn’t go unnoticed. Last month we were featured on crypto web news portal BeInCrypto in many language versions and the Chinese CoinTelegraph wrote about us too!

There was also an exciting interview made with GamerHash CMO Artur Pszczółkowski on behalf of the Polish-Swiss Blockchain Association. Check it out here:


Working on GamerCoin related issues is only one of many things we work on. For those who didn’t try it yet, Play&Earn, allows people to earn while making fun tasks, no matter how good their computer is.

GamerHash would like to provide fun as well as the earing possibility to people all over the world. To achieve this we have recently launched Play&Earn in Italy, USA, Netherlands, Portugal, Germany and the United Kingdom. We promise to work on adding new countries and more tasks every day!

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to withdraw your GamerCoins and get ready for the $GHX listing. It’s coming soon!



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