December Community Update, exciting times ahead!

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Jan 3 · 4 min read

All good things must come to end, and the end of 2021 was definitely an awesome time for GamerHash. It’s been so great thanks to you — the GamerHash community. Hopefully, you have spent a wonderful time during Christmas (with RTX 3090 as a present? :P) and partied hard during New Year’s Eve!

Before we round up the whole 2021 we believe there is a need for the December Community Update — a lot has been happening just this month! During this time we have introduced some interesting ways to reward you for being with GamerHash, like CoinMarkertCap Airdrop, making a first-ever $GHX Token Burn, and introducing a closed beta of the GamerHash NFT Marketplace!

Closed Beta of GamerHash NFT marketplace

Few understand this.

The AAA games with NFTs are coming soon, and they are going to change the space. The gamers are already with GamerHash, and we want to be ready to provide you with the best gaming NFTs experience. Together with earning by using your idle computing power, GamerHash becomes a real gamechanger for the gaming generation.

Become a part of the revolution and be a beta tester for our NFTs Marketplace. How to do it? Follow the steps from the article:

Skinwallet partnership

GamerHash was created for gamers and by gamers. Even though Counter-Strike has been around for more than 20 years, we still love it. For many of us, this FPS is a synonym of the best playability available. From now on, thanks to Skinwallet partnership, the CS:GO skins are available directly in GamerHash Store.

GHX Token Burn

We have burned 🔥 GHX coins — 12 000 000 of them! They were worth over 1 million USD at the moment of writing! At the same time, we have announced the burning of another 60M in the upcoming months. If you are not bullish on GamerCoin after this info, you might want to visit a doctor!

CoinMarketCap Airdrop

Yes, you have heard correctly! We are doing a special airdrop campaign with the biggest shot in the industry — CoinMarketCap. There are still GHX for grabs, so it’s better to be quick.

50 000 USD in $GHX is available for the participants! Get your coins at:

Another month, another milestone

We are travelling according to the plan! The mobile app (available on both Android & iOS) is doing great. There have been over 75 000 downloads of the app — thank you for being with us. We expect the 100k mark to be achieved very soon! 👀

New advisor Dustin Plantholt

Dustin Plantholt is an Editor in Forbes Monaco, founder, and CEO of projects such as Life’s Tough Media, and He covers top crypto projects at Forbes and advises celebrities. Looking forward to working together, Dustin!


We have sponsored an incredible event — 2 VERSUS 2 SHOWDOWN by GG League. To show how important the event is, we will just mention that one of the tournament pairs consists of:

pashaBiceps and SnaX!

Fanadise partnership

NFTs are at their core, and ours too! We are going to work on Collectible Collections, Exclusive content NFTs, Influencer NFT, and Creator NFTs — it will be all integrated at

GamerHash NFT Marketplace! Not to mention Fancy Bear’s Metaverse!

Media presence — CryptoSlate and Forbes!

GamerHash is everywhere! You can read about us not only in the respected and specialized crypto press like CryptoSlate but also at Forbes. These two articles below are definitely worth checking out — read them and spread the news!


We can’t wait for 2022 and influencing the future of gaming&blockchain together! Hopefully, you have enjoyed our efforts for the community in December. If you would like to stay tuned with the most important GamerHash info’s, make sure to subscribe to our social media channels!


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What’s GamerHash? Free and user-friendly app in which you earn by playing games and mining. Launch it and get 600+ rewards in our integrated Store!

We are the GamerHash

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What’s GamerHash? Free and user-friendly app in which you earn by playing games and mining. Launch it and get 600+ rewards in our integrated Store!