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Enjoy MetaMask integration at GamerHash Store!

MetaMask browser extension and wallet are a cornerstones of today’s WEB3 world. We are using them to connect with websites, decentralized exchanges, and dapps in general. For those who haven’t heard about the MetaMask there is still a lot to catch up on, but do not worry, we got you covered with the GHX MetaMask tutorial.

MetaMask integration in the GamerHash Store

Here comes a great treat step for crypto gamers, GHX fans, and holders. MetaMask integration in the GamerHash Store will allow the truly decentralized e-commerce experience with over 4700 products available! It means you will be able to purchase games, skins, and many others with the use of GHX and ETH — on the ERC20 network.

How to spend your GHX and ETH?

This one is simple and requires a MetaMask browser extension — all you have to do is to find an item that you want from the store, and click the button Pay with Metamask. In the next steps, go for the button Open Metamask and proceed to confirm the transaction in the popup menu by Metamask. Always check how high the gas fees are (they are shown in GWEI and can be additionally checked at In some cases, the ETH network fees can be quite high and it’s better to wait a while. Very soon, we will introduce other blockchain integrations like Binance Smart Chain to make the transactions faster and cheaper.

Why is it important?

GamerHash is becoming a fully decentralized ecosystem! What is even more interesting, our users who receive their GHX mining bonuses will have another use case with GHX token and the additional possibility to spend it without taking coins to exchange. Decentralization is the way, and we are proud that more and more gamers get it!

Any ideas about what would like to get from the GamerHash Store first?




What’s GamerHash? Free and user-friendly app in which you earn by playing games and mining. Launch it and get 600+ rewards in our integrated Store!

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