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GamerCoin (GHX) listing on KuCoin! Deposits are now open!

We are happy to announce the second listing of GamerCoin (GHX) on KuCoin — currently the 5th biggest crypto exchange in the CoinMarketCap! GamerCoin (GHX) deposits on KuCoin will be available at 10:00 UTC on 28th of April and the trading will begin at 9:00 UTC on 29 April. The available trading pair will be GHX/USDT.

Second Listing

Anyone who has been on the cryptocurrency market for a while knows KuCoin. This well-respected exchange has grown into the most popular crypto trading platforms with over 8 million registered users from +200 countries and regions from all over the world. Its impressive total transaction volume is over 210,000,000,000 USD!

Trade it till you make it with GHX/USDT!

The great benefit for the GamerHash community and $GHX traders about the KuCoin listing is GHX/USDT pair availability. It means the ability to trade $GHX against the most popular stable coin USDT on one of the most liquid marketplaces available!

We wish you a great trading experience!



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