GamerCoin (GHX) token is now available at Binance Smart Chain!

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5 min readFeb 3, 2022


We are delighted to announce that the GHX token is bridged to Binance Smart Chain Network (BSC). While Ethereum is still a leader in DeFi with the biggest TVL (Total Value Locked), BSC and other protocols are gaining popularity and offer great solutions for the Ethereum pain points. Compared to ETH, BSC has much lower gas fees, which makes it suitable for more frequent trading, better DeFi experience and it is much faster processing transactions. From now on, the GamerHash community can send their GHX to BSC to explore new token opportunities.

How is it done? We connected with to provide a top-quality bridge solution. C-Bridge is a tool officially supported by Binance & Binance Smart Chain.

What is the reason behind bridging? Ethereum network was not allowing us to work at full speed & to provide our community with all the tools. Now new GHX DeFi solutions are waiting to be deployed — can you imagine what is going to be?

Did you know?

  • BSC in EVM-compatible independent blockchain (EVM stands for Ethereum Virtual Machine) and has the same smart contract programmability as ETH.
  • ETH tokens are in the ERC20 token standard, while BSC tokens are in the BEP20 token standard.
  • After connecting your wallet to BSC, you will have the same wallet address on ETH & BSC.
  • GamerCoin will be available on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain, which is not the same thing as being listed on Binance Exchange.
  • GHX smart contract address on BSC is 0xbd7B8e4de08D9b01938F7FF2058F110ee1E0E8d4

RISK WARNING — ALWAYS check domains and links you are using — in case of a phishing attack you might lose all your funds! The fake website will look exactly the same as the real one, but the HTTP address will be different.

How to bridge your GHX tokens

  1. Go to the Bridge website:
  2. Connect your MetaMask wallet — you should see the “connect” button.

If you don’t see it, open your MetaMask (fox icon right to the address bar) and click “Connect”

You can also connect using other wallets that are compatible with Celer.

The most popular are:

  • Coinbase
  • WalletConnect
  • Math Wallet
  • Coin98 Wallet

3. Bridge detects the current network that your MetaMask is connected to and automatically sets it in the “From” field. To bridge tokens from ETH Network, you should select them in your MetaMask.

4. Select your coin

a) Section “From” should be set to Ethereum Network
b) In section “Send”:

c) Sort by asset value

d) Find and choose GHX

5. In the section “To” choose BSC — Binance Smart Chain

6. Choose the number of coins you would like to bridge. At the bottom, you will see the amount of the fee charged in GHX for the transaction costs. You can see that you will also get BNB Gas Tokens on Arrival to your wallet.

7. If you are using Bridge for the first time, you will have to Approve and Sign the transaction in MetaMask. Gas fee cost ranged from $ 11 ~ $ 17 in ETH at the moment of writing. This and other fees can be higher or lower depending on the network congestion

8. Click “Confirm Transfer”

9. Confirm the transaction in MetaMask — you will need to pay the Gas fee — the cost was around $23.74 in ETH.

10. You will receive a confirmation with info, that the transfer will take 5–20 minutes. Click “Done”.

11. You will see the “Pending” tab at the top. You can click and see your transaction history and status.

12. From this level, you can add tokens to MetaMask by clicking the wallet (fox) icon. If You do not have BSC Network added in your wallet — the Bridge might add it, asking for permission in MetaMask.

13. You can also add your GHX visibility to the Binance Smart Chain on MetaMask the same way as you do on the ETH — by using the contract address and the Import Tokens (find it below the assets on MM): 0xbd7b8e4de08d9b01938f7ff2058f110ee1e0e8d4

Final Effect

  • GHX is in your Binance Smart Chain wallet.
  • After a few minutes, additional BNB should be in your wallet, too.

You can also bridge your BSC Network GHX tokens back to ETH Network. To do so, choose BSC Network in your wallet at the start, and in the “To” section select Ethereum Network.

That’s it! From now on, the GamerHash community can spend, trade, and provide liquidity with GHX at much lower gas fees. Let us know about your experience with the Binance Smart Chain Network!

PS. What do you think will be the next chain for $GHX? 👀




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