GamerHash AI Product update: GHX to connect DePin, AI and GameFi

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4 min readJan 26, 2024


At GamerHash, we have been a leader in distributed computing, based on gaming PCs, with over 760,000 users globally. The times are changing, but one thing stays constant: the need for computing power. It used to be very beneficial to share your computer computing power (and still is) in crypto Proof-of-Work blockchains, but there is a new industry that has the computing needs bigger than ever — Artificial Intelligence.

Immense computing power of gamers to support AI projects, creating a new synergy between gaming, AI, and blockchain technology—all powered by GHX.

A New Era of Computing is just few clicks away

With the ability to support AI projects and direct this power towards our partners’ DePin initiatives, GamerHash AI provides a totally new service to the user base. We are connecting the worlds of gaming, crypto and AI in a seamless way. All you have to do is install a GamerHash AI app, run a survey to match AI requirements, and get that GPU card going — firstly with GHXP and then $ based rewards will follow!

Get the GamerHash AI app here:

Earning Potential

Since its inception in 2017, GamerHash has helped gamers mine over 350 Bitcoins worth over 14 million dollars (we mined ETH, ETC, Ravencoin among many others). One of the most exciting aspects of GamerHash AI is once again the potential increase in earnings for users. Gamers could see their profits soar up to 10–15 times higher than what current mining options offer.

It’s essential to emphasize how it revolutionizes the gaming experience by integrating both fun and financial benefits. With GamerHash AI, the concept of gaming transcends traditional boundaries, allowing users to enjoy their favorite games while simultaneously earning in the background. This integration of gaming and earning represents a significant shift in how gamers interact with their PCs and the gaming ecosystem — it also introduces the gamers to the web3 world, as the GamerHash platform is run by the GHX token.

Already working AI mining solution with GamerHash

As mentioned before, the GamerHash AI APP is already available for download. For more information, the FAQ can be accessed at FAQ. Currently, the platform uses GHXP points, a form of test benchmark, rather than tokens. Currently, the possibility of earning points is reserved for those with GeForce graphics cards, which will be exchanged for various rewards soon.

Partnerships and Computational Power

We are definitely proud of GamerHash and its partnerships in the AI sector, as they will be the most important stakeholders and the driving force behind bringing gamers to AI. Though we cannot disclose our partners’ identities, their significance in the industry is undeniable. Our model is simple: we provide the distributed computational power for AI-related actions, and our partners bring the rewards for users’ shared GPU power. This synergy is not only innovative but also incredibly efficient.

What is DePin?

DePIN, or Decentralised Physical Infrastructure Networks, is a significant concept in the crypto world, combining blockchain technology with real-world physical infrastructure. It involves decentralizing infrastructure systems, a bit like decentralization seen in DeFi, but focusing on physical assets and resources. DePIN networks utilize crypto token rewards to motivate individuals to contribute their resources towards building and maintaining infrastructure. These networks can scale flexibly based on demand, offering cost-efficient and fair pricing models. The sectors where DePIN is making an impact include wireless, geospatial, mobility, health, energy, storage networks, and computer networks. In each of these sectors, DePIN networks incentivize participants to contribute resources like computing power, which, as mentioned before in this article, is the biggest need for AI right now.

Why GamerHash AI is the Future — narratives in crypto

The CoinGecko article titled “Most Popular Crypto Narratives in 2023” identifies Artificial Intelligence (AI) and GameFi as the top crypto narratives of the year. AI, particularly with the rise of technologies like ChatGPT, has seen significant growth in interest, capturing a substantial portion of investor attention, and second place was given to GameFi as it’s one of the fastest-developing sectors of the Web3 economy. Also, DePin received a lot of investor’s attention and was featured in the report of CoinGecko, but also was pointed out as one of the top narrations for 2024 by Binance & Kucoin.

GHX — Connecting narratives

By leveraging AI technology through DePin and embracing GameFi in various ways, the company's narrative for this bull market can definitely be explosive. Make sure to stay with us and not let your PC power go to waste—install our GamerHash AI app today!

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