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GamerHash Beast experiment. Can a PRO gamer finance his/her PC with crypto mining?

We all love to play, and we love crypto — this is why GamerHash was created in the first place. To be always up-to-date with the newest hardware (who wouldn’t like to be able to play in 4k with ray tracing!) is not an easy thing, especially for our pockets. This is why we created a GamerHash Beast, and we have to admit — the experiment is going extremely well!

Just to be clear, in the beginning — the beast was not just made for mining. It was always in our office, and we used to play the newest titles on it, such as Cyberpunk 2077 or Assassin’s Creed in Ultra high mode. One important thing probably gives additional value to the Beast — one of the best known CS:GO players in the world Filip “NEO” Kubski used to play on it! It happened occasionally, but most notably during the CS:GO Blockchain Tournament won by the GH team.

What is Beast mining?

The Beast was using the GamerHash for mining as it is probably the most efficient way to mine in the world right now (thanks to 20% bonuses on the platform). By using the app the Beast was always mining the most profitable cryptocurrencies. For those who don’t know it yet — when you use the GamerHash app you mine two cryptos at the same time: one with CPU and one with GPU. In the end, they are automatically changed for BTC. Thanks to mining with GamerHash there is also a 20% bonus to BTC earnings. Users receive the bonus in platform naive currency GamerCoin (GHX). It can give substantially bigger rewards for miners.

What is inside the Beast, and how much did it cost?

To build the Beast, we have decided to use the highest quality hardware available on the market (end of January 2021). Due to problems on the manufacturing side and great demands for all the cards from the NVIDIA 30XX series we had to wait a bit longer to have them delivered, and luckily we bought one of the last RTX 3090 before the mining boom started. It costs around $2700.

Fortunately for the Beast (and unfortunately for the people wanting to buy RTX 3090), the market demand for the graphic cards is enormous and the Beasts RTX is now worth even more than the price it was bought for and can be bought for almost 4000 USD!
*Important remark about the prices of the components — the whole PC was built and bought in Poland where the VAT is 23%, so the prices might appear higher than in other places.

Here are the other parts and prices of the BEAST components (early 2021):

  1. NVIDIA EVGA GeForce RTX 3090 ULTRA GAMING 24GB GDDR6X $2683.46
  2. AMD Ryzen 9 5950X, 3.4GHz, 64 MB $1000
  3. Memory RAM DDR4 G.SKILL 16GB (2x8GB) 4000MHz CL18 TridentZ RGB x2 $394.29
  4. SSD Drive Samsung 1TB M.2 PCIe NVMe 970 PRO $314.52
  5. Computer Power Supply be quiet! Dark Power Pro P11 850W 80 Plus Platinum $266.51
  6. Motherboard Socket AM4 ASUS ROG STRIX B550-E GAMING $266.51
  7. CPU cooler NZXT Kraken Z73 RGB 3x120m $373.21
  8. PC Case Cooler Master Mastercase H500M ARGB $252.38

Total: $4802

How much can the BEAST earn?

We assumed that the Beast would finance itself within at least 12 months and wanted to make updates every 3 months. From the beginning of the experiment, the BEAST performance was way better than expected — especially at the 3rd-month snapshot. The performance was great due to rising prices of crypto as well as ETH network congestion which give miners a possibility to earn more.

Due to market volatility, we will present Beast performance in two ways: HODLing the mined coins and checking what would be the performance if we were to change the coins into USDT every 3 months. Let’s see the results!

The experiment started on February 10th. Within the first 3 months of work, the BEAST achieved great results and mined 0.01458435 BTC ($739.5) and 1 064.14 GHX ($612.5) — till May the 10th. Unfortunately, because of the recent poor market conditions, the same coins are now worth around $665. It is still a great result of the Beast, yet it shows us how volatile the crypto market can be — it’s good to take profits.

Final Thoughts

At the 3 months snapshot of GamerHash Beast work, the PC financed itself at 28.15% with $1352 in BTC and GHX. It means that one of the most expensive components of the computer, so AMD Ryzen 9 5950X, 3.4GHz, 64 MB already paid itself off!

It is worth noticing that after the 12-month mining period the Beast value will not go down significantly as the whole equipment has a 3–5 years warranty. Mining with GamerHash or rendering does not influence that period. To make the Beast study complete, at the end of the experiment (after 12 months) we will provide data about the value of the Beast used components.

Anyways, the RTX 3090 is now more expensive than it was when buying it at the beginning of the year!

Is it possible to finance your PC with GamerHash? After three months it seems like it is possible but will be only sure after the end of the experiment.

Stay Tuned!

PS. When considering the Beast mining profits let’s not forget this is one of the finest pieces of gaming equipment in the world!



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