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GamerHash becomes a Silver Partner of Blockchain Game Alliance!

We have been a Blockchain Game Alliance member for a long time now. Some of you probably remember and maybe even won prizes during the BGA Blockchain Demo Day last year. Since the cooperation was so fruitful we would like to announce that GamerHash is becoming a BGA Silver Partner!

What does silver membership brings to the table?

As a BGA Silver Partner, we will be much more present at all the events organized by the Blockchain Game Alliance, including online panels and BGA meetups. It will bring positive outcomes to the GamerHash community, too! Hopefully, you will find it out while attending some events and getting special bonuses and promos.

At the same time, the word about $GHX and GamerHash will spread in the blockchain gaming community even more!

Big thanks to the Blockchain Game Alliance for having us, and we strongly believe that the future cooperation will be even more fruitful!



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