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GamerHash in 2022 and the milestones achieved

We are almost 5 months into 2022 and a big chunk of the most important GamerHash milestones has been already delivered! Fortunately, there is here are still a lot of massive developments ahead of us. In this article, we would like to summarize the core achievements and present what has been delivered already by our team.

GamerHash ecosystem

When it comes to the GamerHash ecosystem as a whole, we got some massive updates, if you haven’t heard about them yet. Primary, we are now proud to say that GHX is multichain! Due to the introduction of the Ethereum <> BSC Bridge for GHX, the GamerHash community can now enjoy low fees and fast transaction times!

NFTs achievements

Since the NFT marketplace was one of the most expected events for GamerHash we are delighted to put it here on the list of GHX delivered projects. Delivering a fully functioning Public Beta is one thing, the second is to continually improve the product that has been live. We are doing it all the time with our NFT recaps, trending collections, and preparing resources to get you started.

Did we mention amazing (like Nemesis, RoboHero, FancyBears, KwikTrust) collaborations with NFT and gaming projects?

Metaverse and Play2Earn

We are super busy creating new worlds and metaverses for and with the amazing GamerHash community. Some of our projects are unfortunately not disclosed yet but you can be sure that we are cooperating with the biggest Metaverse projects in the crypto space — we want to deliver amazing experiences. Some of these efforts are already visible, for example, we had an awesome time during the Easter in The Nemesis Metaverse where many of you took part and even won prizes!

GHX usability

With the abovementioned bridge between the ERC and BSC for GamerCoin, we were able to provide high-quality DeFi possibilities with our GHX. At the beginning of 2022, we have already delivered the staking panel for all the GamerHash community with multiple time locks and different APR.

Most recently, we have introduced a liquidity mining program for the GHX/BNB LP tokens, which offers at the time of writing a very generous APY of over 200%. If you would like to join this pool, check out our article on the topic.

Summary and next steps

Some of the biggest and most useful for GamerHash community tasks have been completed. We can already enjoy the GHX on Binance Smart Chain and the NFT Marketplace, among other products that are still upgraded.

So what’s ahead of us?

We still have many massive plans for 2022. In terms of products, we are still developing and adding new features to the GamerHash marketplace, but we mentioned that earlier. An important products everybody is waiting for are:

  • GamerCoin Launchpad
  • Play&Earn automation & gamification.
  • New Top Tier Exchange listing
  • Big NFT/Crosschain projects collaboration

By looking at the schedule and time of deliverance by the GamerHash team this year, it seems all of this can be achieved by the end of this year. We can do it. WE ARE THE GAMERHASH!




What’s GamerHash? Free and user-friendly app in which you earn by playing games and mining. Launch it and get 600+ rewards in our integrated Store!

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We are the GamerHash

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