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GamerHash joins the Crypto Valley Association

We are happy to announce that GamerHash will become a part of the Crypto Valley Association. Being a part of an Association alongside many honorable members (such as for example PWC) will definitely create many original and inspiring opportunities. To be honest we have many friends from Crypto Valley since GamerHash inception in 2017 — times when our CMO Artur Pszczółkowski was still living in Switzerland! Not to mention that one of our advisors is professionally tied with Zug — the heart of the Swiss blockchain scene.

What is Crypto Valley Association?

Located in Zug, which is often called European Crypto Valley, CV Association is a great place for blockchain startups. Its main goal is to support and connect entrepreneurs and established enterprises through policy recommendations, projects verticals, initiating, and enabling research. The big and important part of the organization’s work are conferences, hackathons, and other industry events which attract the most prominent personalities from the blockchain scene! At the same time, CryptoValley is helping companies to understand better the legislation process in Switzerland.

Common goals

GamerHash is a company both recognized and awarded at blockchain events in Asia (Singapore 2019 Startup Pitch Co-Winner), Europe (Malta 2019 AIBC Tech Startup Winner), and North America (North American Blockchain Conference 2020 Winner). During these experiences, we have met many potential partners based in Switzerland, and we strongly believe that close relations with the Crypto Valley blockchain scene are essential for the future development of GamerHash. At the same time are looking forward to participating in the events organized by Crypto Valley Association.

Education, Education, Education

We can’t stress that enough — the adoption of crypto and blockchain in our everyday lives will come from knowledge. This is why we aim to educate gamers about NFTs and crypto in general. It is also one of the reasons why we are joining the association — their mission is to educate too. Together we can do it better!




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