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GamerHash June community update is here!

Summer holidays incoming — are you ready? For the GamerHash team, the hot weather and the vacation season are not an excuse to slow down. We have organized cool activities for the users, announced partnerships, and temporarily froze up 50 000 000 GHX in June. With some already running campaigns, you will get GamerCoins, so the article is worth reading until the very end. Let’s see the details!

50 000 000 GamerCoin staked!

Let’s start with good news for all $GHX investors. Only a true believer in the GamerHash project would lock up their GamerCoin tokens for longer periods (even up to 180 days!) — and there are a lot of these people! In two rounds of staking, we have managed to gather 50 000 000 GHX in total. These tokens are locked and cannot be redeemed instantly, so they are out of the GHX circulation supply for the time being. Bullish!


If you are into CS:GO you definitely know these guys. The team featuring, Snax, Innocent, Mynio, KEi, Kylar, although it has been established recently it’s already recognizable on the global scale. GamerHash co-founded the team! We are looking forward to the next steps in our cooperation. E-sport is a natural way of expansion for gaming platforms like GamerHash.

Coinpaprika and COINS Partnership!

We have partnered with one of the biggest crypto data aggregation sites in the world to spread the message about crypto and GamerHash. If you want to become part of the process, you can join the HODL GHX on COINS campaign and receive 50 GHX and 1 GUSD!

Check out our medium article or go straight to the Play&Earn section in our GamerHash app for more info.

Ambassador program and Activity airdrop

We love the GamerHash community and how active everyone is. Therefore, we have launched 2 community programs within the last month. The first one is directed to active GamerHash supporters from countries where the GamerHash local community is still small. To become part of the GamerHash team and find out more, write to @Kaorl15 on telegram.

Activity airdrop is conducted within the Polish Telegram community and the rules are simple: invite a friend and make sure they are active for at least 3 days. You will get 10 GHX for every invitation, and the newcomer will get 100 GHX!

GamerHash Beast!

It’s been one of the most fun experiments in GamerHash history. We have created the GamerHash Beast from the best PC gear available and watched how well it performs in terms of earning with our app. Check out more about the Beast in this article!

Corporate Social Responsibility and GamerHash

Do you still remember the Blockchain CS:GO Exeedme tournament where GamerHash won all the matches and promised to give the reward to charity? We kept the promise. Fundacja Szansa (Chance Foundation) received two high-quality Lenovo laptops and unlimited access to courses created by Course Zone!



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