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GamerHash November Community Update

This monthly update is packed with good news and lots of action. Partnerships, Birthday, and of course reaching Hard Cap. Seems like everything that leads us to the GHX Token Generation Event and first listings.

Here’s what’s up

  • Hard Cap GHX
  • GamerHash Birthday
  • Crypto Valley Association Partnership
  • Dialogue behind the scenes
  • Blockchain Demo Day BGA
  • New miner for ETC
  • Website improvements

Private sale Hard Cap for GHX reached

2.8 million dollars collected in fiat and crypto is a great amount of money that will let us develop the GamerHash ecosystem. GHX token will be the heart of this ecosystem. All we can say is: we promise not to let you down while disrupting the blockchain gaming scene.

Collecting Hard Cap means that we are one step closer to $GHX listing and many things that will come after.

Happy Birthday!

Three years ago in November, we have started our journey. Since then GamerHash platform only grew. Now we have more than 550 000 registered users! This week was full of creative activities and tasks where you could win a lot of awards & GUSDs. Check out some of our user’s work from the meme competition.

Did you know that Drake loves GamerHash?

If you haven’t joined our Discord channel where all the fun happens maybe it’s time to jump in and win some prizes? In the channel #birthsday-gh you will find many more memes if you are interested.

Crypto Valley Association

We as GamerHash and especially our CMO Artur Pszczółkowski got many friends in Zug. The beautiful area of the city is called Crypto Valley for a reason. It’s a place where many crypto projects have their headquarters and the legal framework in the canton is crypto-friendly. We have joined the Crypto Valley Association to spread together knowledge about crypto and collaborate with many of the well-known members.

A lot is happening behind the scenes

As we speak we are forcing new alliances with the best-known crypto gaming projects. Same with exchanges. Cannot reveal much yet but there is definitely a lot to expect — it took a lot of our effort in November — results will be visible soon!

Blockchain Demo Day with BGA

It was a great time to get to know more about blockchain gaming projects as well as win prizes ($3000 in Crypto and NFTs). Congratulations to Meriton who answered correctly the question: “How many are registered users are at GamerHash?” and won $100 in ETH. There will be definitely some more events organized together with Blockchain Game Alliance so pay attention to our social media.

New miner for ETC

The Times They Are A-Changin’ as Bob Dylan was singing. After a long time, we are saying goodbye to the ClaymoreDual miner. The Nanominer upgrade will allow you to mine Ethereum Classic (ETC) even with 3GB graphic cards. In the near future Nanominer miner will also replace ClaymoreDual for mining ETH. By the way the same time we have improved the support for RTX3XXX cards. Enjoy the mining!


We are constantly changing our GamerHash webpage for your convenience. User experience is what we care about. Let us know if you like the changes in the comments here or on Telegram!



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