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GamerHash partners with Anonymo, one of the best CS:GO teams in Europe!

If you are into CS:GO you definitely know these guys. Snax, Innocent, Mynio, KEi, Kylar — Anonymo team is on fire right now. This is why we are more than happy to announce our partnership. Let’s dive in!

Anonymo and influencers

Anonymo Esports is a Polish e-sport organization that was created in 2021, yet it already is popular among the CS:GO fans as the team is already ranked 35th globally by HLTV. You might have heard about Anonymo, too, when they took part in one of the most controversial matches in CS:GO history at the Flashpoint tournament. Despite the team being just a few months together, it is already a top organization in Poland and is fighting for top international awards. The whole Polish community was waiting to feel that energy when the Polish team was winning top global trophies, like VP a few years back. Snax was in this team, so will be the leader this time in Anonymo.

Yet the organization consists of not only the CS:GO, administration and marketing teams but also popular streamers and influencers. Check them out on Twitch. For GamerHash, it is important to extend these capacities in the new media space, in which Anonymo stands very well.

Know-how and promotion

GamerHash has decided to co-found the organization early this year when it was created, and provide the team with the business know-how and funds needed to run the project. On the other hand, Anonymo consists of many famous figures in the CS:GO and e-sport communities and might help GamerHash to spread the message about crypto and NFTs among the gaming community.

New possibilities

Anonoymo and GamerHash are going to search together for new businesses and create cool initiatives for both projects communities. GamerHash has great experience in scaling gaming concepts globally and potentially connecting them with blockchain — this is know-how that will be very important in scaling up Anonymo. Soon you will definitely hear more about the cooperation, events, matches, merchandise, and many more activities. Keep your eyes on our social media & stay tuned!

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