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GamerHash partners with Coinpaprika! 50,000 GHX and 1000 GUSD for grabs

We are happy to announce that GamerHash is partnering with one of the most prominent crypto data aggregation websites, Coinpaprika! Together we want to educate gamers about cryptocurrencies and help them to make their first steps into the crypto world. We have prepared a special program to realize that goal (Check out HODL your GHX on COINS paragraph below). We believe in great results, especially considering the Coinpaprika audience that showed up on their website last month — we are taking 1.57 million views!

What are Coinpaprika and COINS?

Coinpaprika is one of the best places to track cryptocurrencies in your portfolio and with reliable data. There are more than 6000 cryptocurrencies available to track on the platform! For all of them, you can find full information on price, volume, exchanges, and market capitalization.

One of the most recent projects of the Coinpaprika team is the COINS wallet, available on Android and iOS. It offers a full cryptocurrency ecosystem, with a non-custodial wallet being the main feature. Non-custodial wallet means that you are in control of your cryptocurrencies because you are the sole owner of your private keys. Remember, Not your keys, not your crypto. With COINS you can rest easy.

With other COINS features, you can simply invest in specific coins, collect information about the projects you are interested and have all of their social media in one place. You don’t have to worry about the quality of the data within the app — it is provided from Coinpaprika that ensures it’s at the highest standard.


Here comes a user’s friendly way to show what crypto, wallets and GamerCoin (GHX) are all about. The process is simple, easy and all the participants will receive 50 GHX and 1 GUSD to use in the GamerHash store! Definitely invite your friends and family, too!

How to take part in the HODL your GHX on COINS campaign?

  1. Enter the Play&Earn section in the GamerHash app. (If by any chance you haven’t got it yet, download the app at
  2. Download the COINS wallet from
  3. Enter the HODL your GHX on Coins task at Play&Earn
  4. Provide a screen of your GHX wallet address and your username at GamerHash
  5. Receive 50 GHX from GamerHash!
  6. HODL (do not transfer) them for 2 weeks and receive GUSD reward!

Voilà, now you are a hodler and a proud cryptocurrency owner! In case of any troubles, contact us on any of the social media channels.



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