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GamerHash partners with Exeedme to bring crypto to the gamers

This project doesn’t have to be introduced to many of you as it is one of the most distinct Blockchain & Gaming projects out there. Therefore, we are more than happy to announce the partnership between our projects and give a taste of how future cooperation will look like.

Exeedme is a blockchain-powered platform with a Play2Earn economy where all the gamers can reforge their skills into money. Gamers on the platform can play their favorite games, challenge an opponent, and bet on their victory. At Exeedme ALL the players can make money off their skills.

Double earnings with GamerHash & Exeedme?

As both GamerHash and Exeedme are gaming-related projects, we have many possibilities to cooperate. We are especially excited because both of the projects allow gamers to earn while having fun. In the case of GamerHash you can earn with the idle power of your PC while you play games or watch Netflix (let’s not forget about Play&Earn, too) and with Exeedme you can use your skills to make a profit. Sooo… let’s double our money!

First step

As a first step in bringing closer the projects together, we would like to connect our communities by creating a special GamerHash communication channel on the Exeedme platform. In this place, you will be able to watch (and join) tournaments and leagues under the GamerHash banner. There will be some famous PRO gamers joining, so it will be worth keeping an eye on developments here.

Competition on the platform is even more exciting with the hybrid prize pools mechanism that will be introduced soon.

Much more to come

We have already planned (even prepared) some cool events made in cooperation with Exeedme. There will be prizes, quizzes, e-sports legends and lots of fun. Stay tuned & we can’t wait to tell you more!



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