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GamerHash partners with Fanadise and joins Fancy Bears Metaverse

GamerHash focuses on NFTs in 2022

As you might know from some of our previous posts, NFTs are high on our radar. That’s why we are focusing on partnering up with companies that share our vision. Fanadise is such a company that has NFTs at its core — just like us!

What does GamerHash x Fanadise mean?

  • NFT Collectible Collections
  • Exclusive content NFTs
  • Influencer NFTs
  • Creator NFTs
  • GamerHash NFT Marketplace integration

How will this partnership work?

Both us and the Fanadise team are thinking about the NFT technology not only as a current hype in the Blockchain industry but also as a long term vision of where we see our companies go.

Fanadise is the expert in tokenization of influence, fame and emotion. Not only they’re working with some of the biggest names in the influencer industry, but also they were the first platform ever to sell LOVE on the blockchain.

There are more synergies between GamerHash and Fanadise. Just think of all the E-Sport stars — streamers, professional gamers, gaming commentators, game houses or even whole E-Sport leagues.

Fancy Bears Metaverse — the start of our partnership with Fanadise

The Fanadise team is preparing the launch of their own NFT Collectible Collection — Fancy Bears Metaverse (FBM).

We love the idea of profile picture NFTs (PFPs) — especially ones that not only serve aesthetical value to the owner as their avatar but also bring additional value in form of meetups, giveaways, community and other creative forms of building the metaverse together.

Fancy Bears Metaverse cheatsheet

  • From 31st December to 4th January 22 — NFT Communities Whitelist Minting
  • 5th January 22 — Whitelist Minting
  • 6th January 22 — Public Sale

We’re planning on minting some bears and joining the bear gang journey together with Fanadise.

Follow us for more announcements and something special that we’ve prepared for our community together with the FBM team.