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GamerHash partners with Robohero to bring NFTs to the gamers!

Here comes a treat for all the blockchain & gaming lovers. We are partnering with one of the most interesting gaming projects created on Terra (LUNA)! Robohero is aiming to create transparent and fun gameplay in the futuristic world of robots in the year 31337 where humans are non-existent anymore. Nevertheless, the world is full of (non)life — robots that need their minerals (Ether, Deuterium, and Plasma) and the life-giving Luna to keep on existing.

Play2Earn or Play&Earn?

Robohero economy in the game is definitely bringing the crypto world closer to the gamers — play to earn model is providing the open economy while giving financial benefits for those who play. The same goes for the Play&Earn from GamerHash, which allows players to enjoy the rewards for playing the games! We are looking forward to bringing together these two models to show the GamerHash community the new possibilities of crypto gaming (and a way to earn, of course, 👀).

NFTs to bring us all

In Robohero in-game items will have an important utility as: “Each RoboHero faction has created unique pieces of equipment that enhance the attributes of its bearer.” — in form of NFT of course. We are looking forward to seeing the Robohero NFTs at our GamerHash NFT Marketplace!

Together we can do more!

We are more than happy to partner with probably the most exciting gaming project on Terra Luna. We are even happier that the Robohero team consists of truly respected experts of the Polish crypto community Jakub Stefanek “Crypto Loco” and Patryk Kempiński from Krypto Raport YT channel.