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GamerHash update — July 2022

We are in the middle of the holiday season, and it’s a great time to take some much-needed rest after all your hard work this year. Mixing holiday breaks and hard work in July, at GamerHash we’ve been super busy planning and connecting gamers with the web3 world!

Let us tell you more about these plans — welcome to the July’s GamerHash update!

Ape #5588 joins our NFT collection

The BAYC doesn’t have to be introduced if you have been following the NFT world — in July we became a fully fledged member of the club! With our very “metaversy” BAYC Ape, we’re already planning how to include the GHX community in the projects created by Yuga Labs.

We’ll just add that we bought the Otherdeed land within the Otherside Metaverse (with KODA!) as well!

Investors re-entrusted 50m GHX with us

It’s amazing to see how long-term oriented GamerHash investors are. There has been 50,000,000 GHX locked by the private investors for another 6 months. Thank you for staying with us!

Just mind that the GHX circulating supply is much smaller — and you know what that means! 👀

GamerHash at Metaverse Summit (Paris), 2022

July 16–17, we set off to Paris for Metaverse Summit — the event exceeded all expectations!

Having met the industry experts and leaders, we’re getting back with new contacts and a bunch of ideas for the metaverse and NFT creations — make sure to follow us in the upcoming months for details!

9 metaverses to check out in 2022

Being up-to-date with all the developments in the NFT and metaverse gaming space is not easy.

Our overview of the top 9 metaverses will definitely come in handy, bringing you up to speed with The Sandbox, Decentraland, Otherside, NFT Worlds, Worldwide WEBB, Illuvium, Aavegotchi, The Nemesis, Voxels (previously: Cryptovoxels)!

Metaverse Series 1

Starting in June, we’ve been busy all July to get you into the Metaverse and NFT space. Having decided for a video format, we launched the first episodes of our new Metaverse Series 1 — to come up with more in August!

Watch and remember to share your opinions so we keep leveling up. 🎥

IT developments

This month our Dev Team rolled up their sleeves again, so from July on you can make the most of:

Despite the holiday season, we don’t stop there — be ready for more!


So far we’ve been able to deliver on the majority of our 2022 milestones. More! WE did it all without sacrificing quality or perfection. 💪

Stay tuned for the August news!



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