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GamerHash x Champions Ascension partnership

You know how it is: new year, new partnerships! 🚀

…That’s why, this January, we’re very pleased to welcome our new Web3 friend: Champions Ascension! With their sick game and even better NFTs, they’re ready to redefine the world of gaming — and of course, at GamerHash, innovation is our favourite thing to do!

But, let’s start from the beginning:

Champions Ascension — who are they?

Champions Ascension is an epic Web3 game set in the fantasy world of Massina. In order to join this Web3 adventure, users need to purchase an in-game NFT, which later becomes their avatar — and you know what that means, right? All characters in the game are totally unique and one of a kind!

Want a halo? Maybe a tail? In the Champions Ascension universe you can have it all!

By using these NFTs, players can then battle each other for rewards in the Colosseum Eternal! However, if you don’t feel like taking on a yet another fight, there’s plenty of other things to entertain yourself with: taking a walk through the magical forests, crafting, breeding, land ownership, joining the in-game marketplace, playing some mini-games and so much more!

Elemental Eternals

As you already know, NFTs play a huge role in the Champions Ascension universe — actually, a crucial one. What’s even more, as if they weren’t awesome enough, they’re constantly being developed and lately a totally new kind of assets has been released and waiting for the mint: Elemental Eternals! They’re both playable AND with utility — just like the Prime Eternals, that together will allow the players to make the metaverse come alive with all kinds of non-fungible creatures!

…Also, the graphic side of these things — just *chef’s kiss*

See for yourself 👇🏼

Do you dare to take on a battle?

While we wait in anticipation for the mint, it’s a great moment to upgrade your battle skills! After all, it would be a shame not to show off your new Elemental Eternal while gloriously beating all the opponents in the Colosseum! 😉

Don’t wait, start your training now & show them who the real winner is! 👇🏼

Join our stream!

7 PM CET, THIS FRIDAY we’re streaming with — yes, you guessed it right — Champions Ascension!

However, it will definitely be no ordinary stream as we’ve prepared an awesome giveaway & even a dedicated Play&Earn task! That’s right — all you have to do now is join the stream and either win… or earn your reward! 💰

For more info go to our ➡️ APP ⬅️

See y’all Friday! 🔥

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