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Get your GHX tokens in the Gamerhash Store!

The community has spoken! Some of you wanted to exchange our internal Gamerhash Store currency GUSD for a GHX.

This is why we are preparing a new product for the Store that will allow you to get GamerCoin, a new ERC-20 based Gamerhash cryptocurrency that is now going through a private sale phase.

Why would you exchange GUSD for GHX?

GamerCoin (GHX) except many features such as increased profitability of mining, special offers at Gamerhash Store, or special events for HODLers will also have its value “freed”. It means it that the token will be easier to exchange for other cryptocurrencies and also might get a bigger value in the future.

Ok, so what's the plan now?

We are already working on adding GHX parcels in the Gamerhash store, yet for launching it we still need some time. Stay tuned! GamerCoin is coming soon — and as you can see will be available not only on the exchanges!



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