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GHX Hard Cap reached and the sales are closed!

It’s a new beginning…

We have made a long way since 2017 when GamerHash was born. During that time we gathered together more than 500,000 gamers and cryptocurrency fans. The last few months were spent in preparation for something new and exciting — GamerCoin. We would like to say thanks to all the $GHX buyers and members of our community for the trust that has been given to us. Thanks to you, we feel great that all the hard work to deliver the best value to GHX and GamerHash was worth it.

The sale is closed but we are still processing some transactions

During the private sale round, we managed to collect $2,8 million in BTC, ETH as well as USD, EUR, and PLN. At the time we are processing some last transactions but it is impossible to buy GamerCoin anymore — the sale is closed. If you are wondering how the funds are going to be used here is a quick recap:

We are waiting for a listing green light.

The private sale that we just closed did not require regulatory approvals, but the next step does. This is the last stage after being compliant with the law in Malta and fulfilling all the legal requirements in order to be listed on crypto-exchanges. We are quite certain that everything will be done soon, and we will be able to proceed with the token generation event(TGE) and the next steps!

Next step? Listing!

We are really excited about that part, we have great news coming — yet we cannot say much about the GHX listing yet. We hope to announce our listing shortly after license confirmation, so we ask you to stay tuned!

Kudos to you

Finally, we would like to congratulate all the future GHX owners. Together we are creating the decentralized future of the gaming and NFTs world — it is so exciting!

With this information, we are finishing a very important stage in our project — with great success. But we are fully aware and committed that now we enter the phase of building further, what we committed in our WP — to become a globally known platform for gamers & crypto fans.

It’s gonna be a hell of a ride!



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