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Here comes the first GamerCoin anniversary! Let’s look back at last year with GHX

Time flies! Seems like just some weeks ago we were sitting together in the GamerHash headquarters (it was 4 AM our time) awaiting the BitHumb listing of the GamerCoin. The next few hours proved to be extremely successful for GHX — it might have been one of the best listings in crypto history of gaming projects. The price of GHX within the minutes surged up to over 1000x from the listing price without any tokens being vested. Since that time, the GamerHash team went into BUILD mode and we have delivered numerous updates and milestones.

Our team has grown exponentially, and our office is twice as big! Let’s see how this history unraveled step by step.

First month in

Even before the first GHX listing, we have allowed miners to already benefit from the special GHX bonus — it’s been a great deal and our community has been getting a mining bonus worth over 120%! This bonus was indeed much over for a long time, considering the $GHX price went quickly from $0.29 to $0.78 and stayed in that rage for some time.

GamerCoin as one of the biggest tokens in NFT and Gaming categories was added to all renowned crypto aggregation websites such as Coingecko or Blockfolio almost immediately !

April was packed with some other good news, too!

One of the first things after the listing, was a great tournament made with well recognized in crypto space projects like DuckDAO or BEPRO. Not to brag about it, but GamerHash won the whole tournament (thanks to additional help from Filip NEO Kubski)! The double value of the prize was given to the local foundation — Fundacja Szansa (Chance Foundation).

In preparation of the next BIG news, we have made a partnership with SuperBid and become a Silver Partner of Blockchain Game Alliance! What was the big news? Of course, KuCoin listing, which allowed the GHX coin to be traded with USDT.

Summer at GamerCoin

After the extremely intense April, we got the chance to take a second breath and started building the features of the GamerHash ecosystem that you know today. We have added the very important partnership to our list — Simplex, the project which is a crypto/fiat gateway. GamerCoin was also listed by exchange, which is at the same time one of the biggest crypto news websites in the world.

From the investor’s standpoint, something very important happened around this time, too! The GamerHash private investors decided to say: “We are here for the long-term” and locked 50 million of GHX tokens! It’s been more than $25 000 000 at the time!

Powerful partnerships and a dose of transparency

Within next months, GamerHash quickly become an even more recognizable name in the crypto industry as we have partnered with Polygon as well as Coinpaprika. We’ve quickly surpassed at threshold of 1000 GHX HODLers (the number is almost 3 times this size now!).

We have also become more transparent about how the development, team and other $GHX token pools are used. GamerHash appreciates the trust of the community and that’s why we have come out with the transparency report, which you can find here.

Road to GHX use cases!

The powerful token needs powerful use cases. We have introduced GHX as a mining bonus, brought the staking and most popular CEX and DEX exchanges. In the next step, we have integrated GHX into the Play&Earn panel, and allowed all gamers to earn GamerCoin while playing!

While working on the upcoming GHX products (most notably NFT marketplace) we have focused even more on the goal that was with GamerHash since the beginning — educating gamers about the crypto & NFT markets. It started with articles about safety, ecology, metaverses and Play2Earn among others. We have followed with powerful partnerships to further spread the knowledge: Purple Penguin and the Nemesis, Fancy Bears Metaverse, Kwik Trust, RoboHero, TerraVirtua and Legends of Elysium

Intensive progress in 2022

As most of you know, 2022 is as busy for GamerHash as last year’s April. During this time, we have introduced lots of very bullish news for the GamerCoin. Here are the most important ones.

We have ended the year 2021 by announcing 7 stages of burning with 72,000,000 GHX pool. At the time of writing, we have already burned 42 000 000 GHX worth over 2,5 million US dollars!

The next important 2022 step was creating the BSC chain bridge for BSC. Binance Smart Chain has much lower gas fees, which makes it suitable for more frequent trading, better DeFi experience and it is much faster processing transactions. Just after creating a bridge, we have also announced staking for all GHX holders. The pools are still open, and the APR is great — check them out here.

The thing we all have been waiting for

The thing many of us were waiting for the most is GamerHash NFT marketplace. It is already live! Even though it is still a beta, the marketplace offers a vide rage of possibilities and smooth NFT trading experience.

Every month we are adding new features to the marketplace and providing essential knowledge about the NFT market with NFT recaps so it’s worth to check out often.


Last year has been a great journey and it was thanks to the powerful GamerHash community. It’s been lots of work, but fun as well! The big anniversary needs a big celebration — stay tuned and observe our social media. In the upcoming days, we will prepare a very cool celebration for the GamerHash community!

PS. In this article, we looked back in the past, but let’s not forget that the great future lies ahead of GamerHash. If you are not aware of what the future might bring, definitely check out the Roadmap.

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