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It’s finally here: GamerHash NFT Marketplace open for Public

Although it is still a BETA and there are many improvements ahead, we are already proud of the GamerHash NFT marketplace. This is why we are making it public! It’s time for you to check out and flip some NFTs.

Enter NFT world with GamerHash

NFT marketplace is based on the Ethereum network and OpenSea’s technology — the goal of its creation is to give a smooth and easy way for the gamers, NFT lovers, as well as the GamerHash community to enter this new and exciting digital economy. The Marketplace supports ETH token payments, the same way as OpenSea.

We have created the NFT marketplace as a way to easily explore the most important NFTs collections from categories such as Game Assets, Collectibles, Metaverse, Art, Sports, Business, or Lifestyle. The most important for us will be Game Assets — so game collectible items as NFTs as there is no marketplace that does it. Even Opensea doesn’t have a gaming category — so here comes GamerHash!

It’s time to get PRO!

With our weekly recaps about the NFT market, we want to bring to our community a transparent way on how to move in this sometimes chaotic and technologically disrupting space. Most people are looking for interesting concepts in NFTs space — the Recap will be a great help here.

The next step (which we are working on) in making PRO knowledge available to the GamerHash community will be statistics on projects on the market. There will be plenty of charts and relevant data next to each carefully selected NFT project, which can be a great opportunity for collecting and flipping. We are preparing a section of upcoming mints and bots with alerts that will notify our users of intriguing projects available for purchase during the mint.


We’re putting into your hands a fully working BETA of a great product that is constantly being improved — stay tuned and keep an eye on our social media as we’ll be posting bi-weekly updates on the progress of the backlog. We wish you a great NFT experience — whether you are a collector, trader, or crypto player looking for NFT items!

As mentioned before, the marketplace will be constantly evolving on fronted with new filters, UX updates, rankings & statistics, GamerHash verification as well as upcoming drops section. On the backend side, we will be integrating with order books of other marketplaces such as Rarible, LooksRare and others — this will allow our users to have an aggregate of all data about certain NFTs in one place. Finally, we want to be multichain — we’ll be implementing more blockchains that are focused on gaming like Polygon or Flow.

Stay tuned, because we are just getting started. With more and more features coming every two weeks, the marketplace will be constantly evolving — and you have the possibility to shape the direction in which you want it to go.

Let us know how you like the BETA of the NFT marketplace — we’re open to changes, and the marketplace was created for you, the GamerHash community.




What’s GamerHash? Free and user-friendly app in which you earn by playing games and mining. Launch it and get 600+ rewards in our integrated Store!

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