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September 2022 GamerHash update

The holidays are over and the temperature (at least in Europe) is lower — the same goes for the crypto prices. During September, we saw some amazing developments in the space with the Ethereum merge taking the spotlight. Yet, even though the merge was a success the price of the ETH went down significantly (buy the rumours, sell the facts right?).

A bear market like this is a great opportunity for building. This is what we are doing at GamerHash right now. We have delivered some great deals and partnerships for our community, improved the website and went to one of the most important conferences this year — Token 2049. Let’s see all the details!

Heroez mint and snapshot

Heroez is a great NFT project aiming to unify the esport space with the DAO where one NFT is one vote. The idea is to bring voting power to the community and create a decentralized international esport team — bootstrapped by the NFT sale. What’s in it for the GamerHash community you might ask?

A lot! All the wallets that had at least 10 000 GHX tokens in them at the moment of the snapshot were eligible for the 10% discount — and still are as the minting is live. If you are not sure about the Heroez project — just look up the advisors on the social media of the project — there are some big names from crypto and esport spaces there!

Token 2049

Token 2049 is one of the most important crypto events in the world — this edition took place in Singapore. Of course, we were there with our CMO Artur Pszczółkowski who was spreading the knowledge about decentralized gaming, NFTs and communities while attending multiple side events. Even though we are in the bear market the attendance was high — over 3 000 visitors and over hundred of web3 projects.

4 new ways to log in to our #GamerHash app

Upgrading our products and making a frictionless experience for the GHX community has always been our goal. This time we are happy to introduce the new functionality of the GamerHash app — logging in is so much easier and we can do it with:

  • Email address
  • Facebook account
  • Google account
  • Steam account

The Ethereum Merge — mining update

The Ethereum Merge was one of the most talked about events in crypto during this year. Everyone was talking about it and rightfully so — we were waiting 7 years for the Prof-Of-Work to Proof-of-Stake switch! This time everything went smooth and now the ETH network is consuming 99% less energy — great news for the whole crypto space, although the miners have fewer coins to mine.

If you would like to find out more about the details of the merge and how it is affecting mining and the ETH network you should definitely check this article out:

Crypto bird competition

We are constantly working on ways to bring fun and knowledge to the GamerHash community. The Crypto Bird competition is a prime example of that kind of activity. We brought Exeedme to our Play&Earn platform and have created a ladder of prizes for the 20 best players. Apart from the leaderboard, everyone earned tokens anyway with P&E!

Traverse: Mars is Mine

We are still working on the greatest The Sandbox experience and we are doing it at full speed. Make sure to follow our social media, especially Twitter to be constantly seeing the newest developments. This month we have introduced (among others): The Netrunners and The Shine models.

GamerHash website and other tech improvements

As you might have noticed we have changed our website from to That’s because, GamerCoin (GHX) and its development are still our main goal! When it comes to our Mobile app we have added auto-payments of cryptocurrencies and notifications when product availability changes. Apart from that, we have changed the minimum requirements for user passwords. From now on, any new password must meet more demanding criteria.

Thanks for being with us and stay tuned in October for another portion of great GamerCoin news!



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