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We are a GamerHash Team! Our meetup in Poznan

GamerHash is all about decentralization. Therefore, we have created GamerCoin (GHX), we made mining easy for our users, and we are working on the NFT marketplace for gamers. Even our team is decentralized — we are working in different parts of Poland, Europe, and the world. This allows us to work with the best talents in the blockchain&gaming space. Some of us are accustomed to the remote working environment, but the best way to talk about the future and make team-building activities is to meet face to face.

Magic the Gathering?

We have met in Poznan, Poland, where our Headquarters are. The GamerHash Office is located in one of the most prestigious and beautiful areas of the city. During the first hours of the meeting, we had an overview of what was done in the past months: the partnerships, traffic metrics, and tech matters. Later we had presentations from the different departments and a lecture about security (the topic was phishing, as it seems it has become a favorite tool of the hackers).

During the next hours, we talked about the future and the ways in which we want to spread awareness about the GamerHash. We cannot disclose all the details yet, but there is a lot of great info incoming, and we already have a lot of plans for Q3 and Q4. We can say for sure that our office is growing, and will continue to grow in the upcoming months — we are adapting a new office as we speak!

Can you imagine that only since December, the GamerHash marketing team grew 4 times bigger?! Seems that our great community team is growing fastest now.

Photoshoot and the evening

We had a professional photographer coming to our office to take photos, so soon you will be able to see the refreshed Team page on the GamerHash website. Hopefully, we haven’t seen the results of the photo season yet, but we hope it’s at least decent :)

After a long day, there is a need for party time! And, oh boy, it was fancy and super cool. We changed our clothes and went out for dinner in the city center. Let the rest of the evening be like the Vegas stories — we will not talk about it.



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