What does Mental well-being mean to you?

For quite some time now I have been working as a psychologist and even though I always knew this was the case, I never realised how extreme and deep rooted the stigmas against mental health still prevail. And each step against it is a step closer to a better quality of life and it's worth it. So I have decided to do a weekly series where we can all talk about mental health. This is and always will be a non-judgement safe zone where there are no right or wrong answers, just perspectives. New, old, same, different, within reason or even without, perspectives that help us open our windows to assimilate a space for everyone, for all humans, a space called acceptance because once you are there, you are already halfway to living a better, bearable, happier life.

So it’s very simple, I put up a question every week, and you answer, we all discuss and discover ways to grow with each of these questions. So let’s start? Here’s a very basic but the most essential one:

“What does mental well-being mean to you?”

Comment. Discuss.

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