Doing It All

This is a forever Time thing!


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There is a lot of viral chatter online about events, what they mean for social behavior, if indeed they exist at all, and what that means for whom. Was 2020 stolen, for instance. How can you equivicate two things when helpful or break equivication between two things as needed for marketing purposes where ideas or objects are concerned in terms of product generation, distribution, selling, delivery, storing, and functioning? Sure all types of production. Do see business and marketing development in these later human days.

You know we do business and marketing things with each other as humans. We do other things too. Love or tragedy stories are told ad infinitum for a reason. What other kinds of stories (see Netflix — go to if you intend commercial interactions)?

Seguing Left: Are there Forever Time behaviors present in the human species (e.g. love, despair, elation, accurate cogitation after proper instruction)? If so, how would we know, and what are they? What aren’t they?

Oppositions provide some differentiation or similarity between two ideas or objects (must be similar — no apple and orange opposition unless we are talking generic fruit by well-defined capacity). Seguing further Left, what are some of our opposed thoughts or emotions by US voting population group size in terms of…



Teresa D Hawkes, Ph.D.
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