Masks, Dams, and the River of Evolution

A Late Teenage Tale

Terry looked up from her tea to her mother. They spoke rarely now. “In fact, when have we ever truly spoken,” she thought. “When was the last time I was able to speak honestly to you about my concerns? Not since I was eleven and kissed a boy…well actually, not since I was four and started masturbating. Hell, since when has anyone I know personally been able to…



An invitation to contribute stories from the future based on this premise: String Riders have come to Earth for thousands of years. Old temples were their landing spots. They began walking among us again in the 1950s. They can take us to many places, including the future!

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Teresa D Hawkes, Ph.D.

We all matter! Code: ALL. A Warren Democrat. A scientist. A poet. A mother. LOVES Bader Ginsburg. Loves McCartney. Is old.Is white.Is LGBTQ.She/her/me.Is woman.