How Men Can Empower Women

We recently published a blog on women empowering women. But that is not the whole story. Fortunately, many men empower women too, be it colleagues, friends or family. Women have been historically oppressed as a second gender but change can come when the powerful use their privilege to boost the oppressed and help them. This is especially helpful in male dominated fields, such as STEM and AI, where women are underrepresented.

It is a misunderstood notion that men cannot help women, that feminism is only for women instead of for equality, and that men do not also seek change. Here are 5 ways men can help women and a few ways we, at We Encourage, have received support.

Speaking up

Men often have an unconscious bias towards other men’s words. If you notice something wrong, such as a woman being repeatedly interrupted or someone making inappropriate comments then speak up. In many workplaces men still make up a majority of the workforce so men holding each other accountable and speaking up for women is important.


There are many women who don’t feel listened to in the workplace, or who raise ideas and are ignored only to have a male colleague raise the very same notion and be listened to. As recently as the US Vice Presidential debate there were reports of interruptions, and how a woman should handle them without seeming aggressive or rude. Many studies show that women are more likely to be interrupted and have their words taken less seriously in meetings. If men listen and give credit to the right person then that worry can cease to exist. Women can also raise a different perspective that can be useful in business.


Don’t only look to mentor males, look to females too and help them ascend in their careers. Advocate for them and push them towards their goals. This is especially important as women may not be seen positively when advocating for themselves.

Be aware, but unafraid, of engaging with gender

Gender can be swept under the rug when people fear being seen as sexist. But working towards equality is a human issue not just a female one. If you engage and pay attention to women’s issues, in daily life and the workplace, and have conversations about gender this will further the way for women. It could be as simple as not excluding a pregnant woman from promotion by asking her opinion on it, before making assumptions about her post-natal plans. Have conversations with female colleagues about what they would want to change in the office and if only men are being invited to dinners and after-work activities, invite females too.

Support female Entrepreneur's

Due to various gender-based discrimination factors, it can be easier for males to start businesses or be taken seriously, in meetings and amongst male investors, whether those involved are aware of their biases or not. Therefore, female business owners and entrepreneurs should be supported.

Anna, our founder, has fortunately found that many men were some of the first to support We Encourage. Her idea came to light at the Blockchain Forum where two men encouraged her to apply to the upcoming Blockchain Summit pitching competition, whose male jury members were encouraging. She found that many males understood the importance of bringing opportunities and education to girls and women, as it brings good to all. We Encourage also does not have a female-only team- we work with wonderful men who support the cause and team and we are very grateful to them!

It isn’t difficult to empower females; take them seriously and help them where you can. Don’t draw the line at helping those you know and love, help even the strangers! Do this for anyone regardless of gender and that will help us reach equality sooner.

Start today by joining our CSR Program and support women all over the world.



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