Men on a Mission to End Sexism and Misogyny

This time, as a guest in #takeaction podcast is Jitte Sjösäter, a co-founder of Spher app — an app that aims to make women feel safer. This is how their story began:

“Our story began with Hanna. Hanna was a young girl from

a small town in Germany. Tragically, following a night out with friends, she decided to leave and walk the short distance home alone and just 8 hours later she was found dead in a ditch. This story, along with many others is why we came to the realisation that something was fundamentally broken in society. And this was when we said to ourselves, no more Hannas!

We are done with sexism and misogyny. We are not tackling pay gap or equal opportunities directly, we are tackling the roots of the problem: a patriarchy culture that promotes prejudice against womxn. We at Spher have pledged to create a better tomorrow, where no one is ever afraid or in danger simply because they are a womxn. We are aiming to create a community where womxn and others can support, aid, and empower each other. WE ARE SPHER.”




AinoAid™ is designed as a first step for victims of domestic violence seeking help. Anonymous chat helps overcome the shame they feel, learn the level of seriousness of their situation for the most suitable action they can take. Test Aino at

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We Encourage

We Encourage

We Encourage is on a mission to empower women and girls under oppression. WE develops a customizable AI tool to help victims of domestic abuse.

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