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2 min readDec 6, 2022

Have you ever thought about why you may like special colors or why one color gives you a specific vibe or energy? Orange has a special place in my heart due to the years I spent in India. Orange equals India for me. The other color which is also touching the inner part of me is blue. It represents many aspects of my home country, Finland.

In the context of “Orange the world” I find both colors playing a role. Although the world is constantly getting better and better in terms of equal human rights, there is still a lot to do. Unfortunately, it may take generations until we’ll get there. Hence, we need some tools and means to endure and keep on having faith and stepping up.

I often use colors to discover the situation of inner me and to boost my mood. I have a coffee table book open from the pages of orange and blue. It has been open from the same pages for a while already. Maybe the situation in Europe and even globally has triggered the opening of specifically those pages. I thought that sharing the ideas of both colors could act as inspiration for you too.

We need the optimism of orange and the spirit of blue to work on the equal rights independently of the gender, nationality, ethnicity, social class, capabilities, etc, etc.

Orange for optimism:

It promotes a feeling of well-being. It’s warm and welcoming, optimistic and sociable. It’s bursting with earthy energy and can act as a stimulant. Orange also provokes change, creates opportunity and is the color of activity, enthusiasm, and freedom. It deals with dormant conditions by bringing them into the open so that they can be sorted out and properly laid to rest.

In yoga, orange represents the sacral chakra, the energy center, which is thought to govern how you experience sexuality, creative expression, emotions, and more.

Blue for spirit:

Blue is an ideal color for places for healing. It encourages relaxation and tranquility. It’s a color of contemplation and it’s very conductive for meditation, inspiring patience and calm thought. Blue makes you aware of the need for rest and allows you to make space in your life. It denotes the desire for peace and order.

In yoga, blue represents the throat chakra, the energy center which is thought to be responsible for communication, self-expression, and the ability to speak your personal truth.

-Ulla Koivukoski (Healing Garden, Romy Rawlings)



We Encourage
We Encourage — AinoAid™

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