Surviving and healing from domestic violence — Survivor story Eva Wissenz

In #takeaction podcast, Eva Wissenz talks about her journey from years of abuse, starting in vulnerable childhood through to adulthood, to surviving, healing and empowering her daughters. It was not an easy route, but she shares how she was able to find strength and courage, recognize the patterns of abuse and empower herself .

Eva Wissenz is a French-Italian social and impact entrepreneur, environmentalist, and writer based in Tampere, Finland. She is the Founder and Managing director of Solar Fire Concentration Oy. In the Global South, her team empowers women and youth through sustainable jobs and mitigate climate change consequences with Lytefire solar ovens and trainings. The solution produces heat and generates 0 CO² emissions. Eva is also the founder of Sepia Agency to contribute to more awareness and education to climate change through workshops. She created the platform Sustainable Tampere & Pirkanmaa. She is also a change agent (murrosagentit) with Pirkanmaa Liito.

“When you are a kid you are vulnerable and completely dependent on adults so you have to choose strategies to survive what is happening… Since it is happening in the family circle this is accepted because, this is how it works you don’t have any experience of that it should be different and nobody should talk to you like that”. — Eva

“I need to be resilient, no guilt and no shame… I think is the same need that is important to see that you are going to share your story you are just bringing oxygen to yourself, maybe people will judge you… my reaction is that we are all human and this is human business, there is no shame” — Eva

“Even though I have been a very autonomous, independent, modern woman, I felt like a kid when I think about the abuses I have faced in my adult life” — Eva

“What really mattered to me was the human connection with the helpers, yes it was understanding that a little violence is violence and comparing doesn’t lead anywhere, and the more educated you are the more you can understand what is happening to you and get out of it. I have found a strength in me I could have never never imagined and I am perceived as a strong woman. It’s the next level, when you have been through all these nightmares and you are free, take action and find solutions etc. you are fully human. During the journey the human connection… this connection with others, positive people, this is the bliss in the journey. Then as a former victim you are able to provide that level of acceptance and connection with someone else.” — Eva

Eva found help from Settlementti Tampere, if you are looking for help, don’t hesitate to reach out! You can start by testing our AINO chatbot, which was chosen as the digital service of the year 2021, at our website:

Are you a survivor of domestic violence? Help us to help by sharing your story:



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