#takeaction podcast interview with start-up entrepreneur Bambi Dang

Bambi Dang has an inspiring and empowering story to be shared. Her real name, Ba, meaning number three in Vietnamese, tells it all about the sad reality of gender inequality. Hundreds of millions of girls have similar stories to be told. However, Bambi was able to find her inner strength and she is now empowering others with her story. She uses her voice to encourage others to speak up and share their stories as well.

Finding your inner strenght can create a whole new world around you

Finding the courage was not easy for Bambi. It took her many years to get to the point where she is now. But, finding your inner strength and getting out of the state of being a victim of circumstances, can lead to magical things.

Today Bambi is a start-up entrepreneur, and her co-founder is Peter Vesterbacka, a high profile serial entrepreneur, formerly known as the Mighty Eagle of Angry Birds. The story behind the founding of their start-up is interesting. One day Bambi was in a Starbucks and saw Peter there sitting alone. She went to ask for five minutes of his time, to pitch her then-startup idea, and they ended up talking for half an hour discussing different ideas. They started collaborating on different projects since then. In January 2020 they co-founded FinestNinja.

Bambi with her co-founder Peter.

FinestNinja enables people to outgrow their potential

FinestNinja started in 2020 with the mission of bridging the talent gap in the FinestBay Area (Nordic and Baltic). They want to support the entrepreneurial communities and believe that the best way to improve entrepreneurship and the economy is to work from the ground up and change the way young people perceive entrepreneurship. FinestNinja also encourages diversity in local startups and companies by having internationals working for them.

Contact Bambi for work via LinkedIn: Bambi Dang

Listen to Bambi’s interview:

Bambi is on a mission to empower women and girls

There are millions of women and girls who are every day suffering from gender inequality in their life. In many cases, they don’t even know that it’s possible to have things differently. Bambi shared some worthwhile tips for starting your own personal transformation towards finding your own power, and making a change:

Bambi with her favorite book.
  1. Forgive

Living with the hate inside you won’t help you move forwards. Forgiving is important, not just for people who hurt you, but also for yourself. Achieving inner peace is the foundation to grow.

2. Start questioning

Don’t take things for granted just because that’s how it has always been. Keep questioning, why is it so, could things be better? Could we do it differently?

3. Change is the only constant in the world

Embrace the change, in the world, and in yourself. Change is always present, things evolve, and it is your job to create a better world with what you have. Become the change you wish to see in the world.

4. Speak up! Share your story!

No one else can fight your battle, so take the first step by speaking up. There are people wanting to hear your story. There are people who might change their life because of your story.

Story of Bambi:

Bambi had been hiding the story about her real name for almost her whole life. But she decided to finally open up and tell it to the world. Here is the heartfelt story of Bambi’s real name “I have an UGLY name”

Bambi has a Facebook page Beyond Bambi, where she shares stories beyond oneself in video format. She encourages everyone to share their stories. If you wish to have your story featured on her channel, please contact her Facebook page.

Dare to #takeaction, dare to speak up, you are not alone, we are here to support! ❤️

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