#takeaction podcast with startup entrepreneur Kirsi Ekberg — Follow your intuition

Kirsi is a startup founder for Vilike, aiming to activate children and their parents with playful and pre-school educational software solutions. How to keep moving forward no matter the bumps in the road.

We discussed the hardships of founding a start-up, including burn out, failing, and getting back up. We covered what motivated Kirsi to found Vilike, and what has kept her moving forward, bootstrapping and staying in line with the motto Never give up! and Let the dream be bigger than you!

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Our mission is to make a positive impact on health and learning skills growth of young children. With love from Finland ❤

We like developing AI solutions with impact

In our active games and solutions, we utilize our own Computer Vision(CV) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Basically we harness the video by programming a software to detect defined objects and perform functionalities for particular use cases. For example MVP of our gamified application is build to assess and analyze motor skills activity along play to reward physical activity in real life and enable gathering motor skills data for further sport scientific research.

Kirsi’s life in short bio

First combination was drawing and dance. Then, playing soccer and studying arts management diploma in NH, US. After that stepped in a life of a single mom and studies in Sports instucting of children and BBA ICT which lead into a path of a startup entrepreneur life in Vilike; aiming to activate children and their parents with playful and pre-school educational software solution.

Becoming a mother brought along the feeling of responsibility to raise not just my child but to do all in my power that thriving change of evolution is evolving the life of all the children to better direction. We are leaving this world to our children. I want our society and globe still be a good place to live in when they grow up.

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