#takeaction podcast with the co-founder and CEO of Charity Wall Luca Busolli

We Encourage is thrilled to announce the collaboration with Charity Wall! 🥳

We Encourage acts as a fundraising agent for NGOs and small-scale fundraisers. We are the linkage between the donor and the fundraiser. We believe that the donor has the right to know how and where their money is being used for. We believe that NGOs should see their donors as their customers. And this is what We Encourage with Charity Wall helps them to do.

With the technology called blockchain, we are able to have built-in transparency and traceability. And this is exactly why we are excited about the collaboration with Charity Wall, they have the blockchain tool for us.

Charity Wall is a Social Marketplace that, through the BlockChain, traces and certifies the use of donations and allows donating in total security and monitoring, commenting and constantly verifying the development of each specific social project.

Charity Wall

Charity Wall was born during a dinner, when the three founders, affected by the SMS scandal for Italian earthquake victims started talking about the donations they had made. They had all remotely adopted a child, sent a text-to-give message to the earthquake victims and also donated to non-profit institutions.

Charity Wall team

However, they did not know how their donations had been used, if they had really been used for the stated purpose and even if this use could actually be useful to the community!

So they started thinking about how, with their skills, they could help transparency in this sector. Hence the first idea of Charity Wall to which Luca contributed with his skills in management and networking, Alessandro as a blockchain expert and Simone as a programmer.

At the moment there is a great interest in the charity sector as there is a great deal of attention to humanitarian causes at the social level and people always respond strongly and responsively to difficult situations.

However, it is right that everyone can be sure that their contribution has been successful.

Also too often one hears of scams and deceptions that not only leave a bad taste in the mouth of the donor, but in general damage the private charity sector which today a modern state cannot do without.

Luca Busolli

Today we think that transparency must be guaranteed, donors must be sure that their money is used in a proper way, being donation a way to build the common good and to develop a community based on principles of reciprocity and unity.

We all felt the need to donate at least once, for example for the victims of the Central Italy earthquake, for Hurricane Katrina, for the fires in Australia, for the Corona Virus epidemic, but we all wondered:

Where do our donations end? How will they be engaged? Really for the stated purpose or to the hands of someone else?

With Charity Wall it will always be possible to answer these questions, it will always be possible to know and be sure of the use of donations and you can have confidence in the third sector again! How cool is that?

We Encourage and Charity Wall found each other trough the BlockStart initiative. With this strategic collaboration, we are able to help NGOs to serve donors better!

Monitoring of social projects. Donors can constantly monitor the progress of projects they have contributed to. In this way, they have the guarantee of the real use of the collected funds.

Traceability of donations. Constant tracking and monitoring of the use of donations downstream of their collection. In the portal, it is easy to check the use of funds thanks to the news published by the reference non-profit institution, to certified documents, to contacts with a reference person, and to the possibility of commenting on the project.

It is possible to donate in Charity Wall portal and soon also in We Encourage portal by our payment tool that allows the donation in 30 cryptos and 27 national currencies, and all the flow of money for and from the association is certified in blockchain.

Documentation certification. Certification of all documentation on how the funds are used by non-profit institutions through blockchain so that they are registered, immutable, and available for consultation at any time. You can also trace the goods from the supplier to the final recipient.

Read also our previous interview with Luca!

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