What I wish I would have known when I started my journey from abusive relationship — #TakeActionPodcast with Kati Abi Khaled

I left an unsafe relationship almost 3 years ago. The years before that moment were difficult and traumatic. However, what happened afterwards, is equally important. It deserves to be talked about.

It is normal that social workers and organizations do not believe in domestic abuse victims. This may come as a surprise.

The victims should be aware of their legal rights and responsibilities. Or for example, what are the things you do not need to agree with per law? What are the things you should agree with per law?

What can be used as evidence? How to collect it in a safe way and with who to share it?

For example, in my case, the school gave incorrect information to the child protection services. The school also leaked confidential information to third parties.

I would encourage the victims to reach out for legal support and educate themselves about their legal responsibilities and rights.



AinoAid™ is designed as a first step for victims of domestic violence seeking help. Anonymous chat helps overcome the shame they feel, learn the level of seriousness of their situation for the most suitable action they can take. Test Aino at www.encourage.fi

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