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Everything you need to know about the design of a food experience in just one event.

When I established WE Factory I spent countless hours, days, months looking for information about the steps to take to start my own business and the elements that needed to be into place. I also joined conferences and events — some were also fairly expensive — where I listened to talks and took lots of notes, ate average food and faced big challenges in getting to know the other participants without feeling under pressure to make a good and long-lasting impression. Does this sound familiar?

That is why I decided to create WE Factory Academy– a one-day experiential training and intimate gathering for food professionals, entrepreneurs, designers, consultants, and chefs. It was launched in Tallinn on January, 25th with a group of 14 excited professionals who joined from not only countries like Estonia itself, but also Lithuania, Italy and Finland.

Photo Kroot Tarkmeel: WE Factory Academy x Tallinn

WE Factory Academy is different from any other training because it was designed to solve all the issues mentioned above:

1) Its experiential nature makes sure that each person is actively involved and learn by doing

2) We partner with local food businesses who share our same values (WE Factory’s). This secures the delivery of memorable and delicious food experiences

3) We create a cosy place for interaction, so that everybody feels comfortable to share their own business challenges. As such it feels more like a community than a “corporate” setting

4) We designed a book “The Workbook” that is the take-away from the workshop into your business life: a good dose of inspiration, exercises and theory

Photo Kroot Tarkmeel: Roland Pollu co-founder of Kokomo Coffee

WE Factory Academy will tour different cities around Europe in the next months. Shall you have a location in mind or fancy to collaborate, please get in touch:

Interested to know more: check out the link below for more information and pictures!

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