How Film & TV’s innovators are getting back on set, safely

Insights from a workshop with some of the UK’s leading production companies on how they plan to leverage POP technology to meet COVID-19 guidance requirements, keeping their business and people safe.

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Jun 9, 2020 · 5 min read

At our most recent POP Pioneers session we gathered our production company clients and friends of POP to discuss the implementation of COVID-19 guidance, and how POP technology can be leveraged to help get back on set, safely. We run these sessions to collaborate with the industry, to optimise our solution to fit our clients’ needs and to drive for standardisation of process across the industry: we believe that a united approach is smarter and fairer for everyone.

Companies in attendance

Summary of guidance

The session began with a presentation of POP’s understanding of the BFC, Pact and Bectu COVID-19 guidance documents, summarised into four key requirement areas: physical, procedural, compliance & oversight and communication, which was validated by clients as aligned with their understanding.

Following on was an outline of how to meet these requirements to get back to set safely, utilising existing features of the POP Production and Casting Portals. The existing platform can be leveraged in many ways to meet many of the COVID-19 requirements


  • Maximising technology to deliver paperless processes and enable remote working of production and accounts, in digital onboarding cast, crew, supporting artists and stunts, digital distribution of materials and digital timesheets for crew and Chitless for artists
  • POP Crew Portal enables remote crewing up outside your network, by posting jobs on our jobs board and virtual networking


  • Digitally send, acquire consent and track risk assessments, daily fit to work checks, yours or third-party training forms and video content and updated policies
  • Digitally track time off and sickness, and enable mobile access to your teams emergency contacts


  • Robust permission controls enable the sensitive data captured in these new processes to be handled in a GDPR compliant way
  • Compliance with your new COVID-19 training, forms and policies can be tracked and admins can be alerted of compliance risks across your teams
  • Keep in control of your costs with tools to scenario plan in the case of overtime or overruns due to chance in process or suspension


  • Share information on compliance with govt guidance in the workplace, signpost well-being information, clear process and audit trail of communicating updates to procedures — and text your whole onset team in a few clicks in case of emergency

The remainder of the session focused on discussing enhancements to the ‘Fit to Work’ solution, including capture & alerts, secure system of communication, and tracking & oversight.

POP Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guidance Summary

‘Fit to work’ capture & alerts

All agreed that collating fit to work information in a standardised way, in one place, with ‘unfit to work’ alerts is the priority.

Anyone coming to set should complete a fit to work check before arriving on set each day, self-certifying that they, and their household are symptom free; and therefore fit to work. Additional spot checks could be done by nurse/medics/designated crew where required, without the need for lengthy queues to check every individual as they arrive on set.

If any single question comes back as ‘unfit to work’, admin users would be alerted to action accordingly. If a check comes back ‘unfit to work’ the production approach can then be considered and nuanced, depending on the circumstances.

Having validated clients’ desired approach to fit work checks we are updating existing features to facilitate this new process and will have this live with clients for their return to set.

System of communication

With new procedures comes new processes and ways of working. SMS could now play a more important role in communicating reminders and updates — especially for the daily fit to work checks to on set teams.

Tracking & oversight

As the health information being captured is considered ‘special category data’ ensuring the capture, tracking and oversight of this process is compliant with data protection law is essential and of high importance.

All new data will be captured and securely stored on platform, in the same way pre-existing personal information is handled. This protects data behind robust information security safeguards and restricted access permissions.

Industry approach

A joined up unified approach is important to avoid confusion and ensure the industry takes a coherent response to the return to set. POP is committed to taking a proactive approach to supporting our clients, and the wider industry in this effort. Through this consultation we are now shaping our industry standard COVID-19 response capability to support our clients and the wider industry.

“Thanks so much for such clarity and for helping us to create a united approach across the industry.”

“Thank you for being so plugged into all our challenges and tackling them so well. Feeling very supported by your work!”

“Encouraging that you are able to react quickly to the situation and propose solutions in a world where we only seem to be meeting obstacles.”

“It’s brilliant to see the developments on the software and some of the features will greatly assist our COVID-19 checks when we finally start shooting.”

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Need more detail?

A comprehensive guidance overview and breakdown of how POP technology can be used to proactively manage COVID-19 risk, satisfying guidance is available by request.

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