5 Things To Piss You Off This Week

(All Trump This Week)

1.Donald Trump’s Hunger Games Budget.

Trump’s budget is heartless. President Snow wouldn’t even approve. Trump wants to spend historic amounts of money on the military even though the US already spends more than the other top 9 countries combined while cutting giant holes in all the safety net programs. Trump wants to cut Meals on Wheels and school lunch programs. His spokesperson actually went on TV and said there is no evidence that these programs work.

Trump also wants to cut:
-Financial aid for undergrads
-Air transportation for rural communities
-Public media like NPR, PBS and the arts
-Afterschool programs
-FEMA state and local grant funding
-Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program
And that’s not all.

2. $300,000 a day for Melania to Stay in New York.

I get why Melania doesn’t want to be with her husband. I wouldn’t want to be with him either. But the White House is pretty big. Maybe not as big as Trump Tower, but certainly big enough. She can just stay in another wing and maybe a few additional vets can get health care or seniors can get one meal a day.

3. The Federal Government Hiring Freeze.

This freeze is another publicity stunt to appeal to Trump’s base that are giddy when other people are suffering (bonus points if they think the people suffering are liberals). Cutting organizations strategically is one thing. A blanket hiring freeze really kills the morale of federal employees and again hurts the vets since they are the ones that get a hiring preference.

4. Crackdown on Legalized Recreational Marijuana.

I don’t smoke but I don’t care if other people do it. This crack down is just another way to jail people of color. Trump promises this crack down at the same time he rolls back Obama’s push to de-privatize prisons. It’s not a coincidence.

5. Undocumented Mom with Brain Tumor sent to Detention Center.

Trump’s war on illegals has real casualties. A woman from El Salvador was waiting on brain surgery to remove a tumor when she was taken from the hospital by ICE agents. There was a woman who was taken from court where she was getting a restraining order against her abusive husband (he called ICE). Every time I read one of these stores I think about the people who said that Clinton and Trump were the same and I get really pissed. People like Susan Sarandon. I won’t even watch Thelma and Louise again and I love that movie. Susan Sarandon is dead to me.