5 Things That Will Piss You Off This Week

1. Protesters Pulled Out Of Their Wheelchairs

The republican healthcare bill is cruel. It’s not just typical republican, Ann Rand cruel. It’s Winter Is Coming cruel, where grandma isn’t just kicked out of the nursing home; she’s kicked out then sacrificed to the white walkers so rich people can get another tax cut. The bill cuts Medicaid by $610 billion over the next decade, on top of the $839 billion that would already be cut under the proposed American Health Care Act that passed in the House earlier this month.

The Medicaid cuts will affect millions of Americans particularly the ones on disability. These Americans decided to protest this bill at Mitch McConnell’s office and were arrested.

It pisses me off to watch Capital Police lift disabled people out of their chairs and dragging them away because McConnell is too big of a coward to actually face the Americans affected by the bills proposed in congress.

2. White Woman Demands to See White Doctor

Usually, these videos don’t bother me because racist people gonna do racist things. But this woman, demanding to see a white doctor for her son who is having chest pains, really pisses me off. First, she’s taking up resources for the rest of the patients who are also having emergencies and second, her child would tell her to shut up but he can’t because he’s having chest pains. If her child dropped dead in this office, she would be the first person to sue when it’s her fault that her child is not getting medical attention. You have to wonder if it’s even a real emergency since she has time to repeatedly ask for a white doctor and one with white teeth as well.

3. Greg Gianforte Takes Office.

A guy who body slammed a journalist was still elected to congress demonstrating once again that American voters are just plain stupid. Trump said he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose any votes but he was wrong again. Any republican could shoot someone and not lose any votes. I think he would have won by an even larger margin if he had.

4. Cosby Is Acquitted

Pissed about the verdict, pissed another rich guy is not held to any standard, and pissed that Camille Cosby walked into the courtroom in the most obnoxious, arrogant way possible. But jurors couldn’t reach a unanimous decision so Cosby gets to remain free. Prosecutors vow to retry him and Cosby vows to pretend to be going blind when that trial starts.

5. Congressional Black Caucus Declines To Meet With Trump

Trump does these publicity stunts, takes a few photos, then has his minions cut whatever programs that black leaders were advocating for. It’s exactly what he did to the HBCU leaders after 60 leaders were invited to the White House for a photo op and Trump then questioned the constitutionality of providing funds for HBCUs. The CBC needs to focus their energy on combatting voter suppression and gerrymandering, not be on an episode of Celebrity Apprentice, White House edition.

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