5 Things To Piss You Off This Week

1. VOICE — The Trump administration has opened a Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement (VOICE) Office with a mission to support victims of “immigration-related” crimes. Trump in his bid to be the most divisive politician in US history, created this new agency because in his mind and the mind of his followers, crimes perpetrated by illegals are worse than crimes committed by US citizens.

The announcement actually said that victims of immigration-related crimes now have a government resource. Didn’t they have the same government resources that victims of non-immigration related crimes have? I know republicans only care about limited government when a democrat is in the White House but the creation of a new government office to handle these crimes separately from all other crimes pisses me off.

2. The Handmaids Tale — I am really excited about this series but I’m pissed it’s on Hulu. I already pay for HBO to watch Game of Thrones and Netflix to watch everything else. I can’t afford Hulu just for this series. And Hulu has decided to spread this series out instead of just allowing users to binge watch it that means I can’t use the 30-day free trial to watch the Handmaids Tale.

3. Laughing at Jeff Sessions — In a case that sounds like it could be in the Handmaids Tales, a Code Pink activist, Desiree Fairooz, was convicted and found guilty of disorderly and disruptive conduct and parading or demonstrating on Capitol grounds because she laughed during the Jeff Sessions confirmation hearings after someone said Sessions “treating all Americans equally under the law is clear and well-documented”. Jeff Sessions lies to congress and he’s Attorney General. Desiree Fairooz is facing up to 12 months in jail and/or $2,000 in fines for laughing at comments that were ridiculous and funny.

4. Daddy’s Little Girls — Bill Cosby’s daughter, Evin Cosby, has to stop defending her dad. At some point, this woman has to accept her father for who he is and not make excuses for him. Maybe he was a good father, it doesn’t change that he’s a serial predator. Coming out and defending his actions, just makes you look ridiculous. This goes double for Ivanka Trump who called her dad a champion of women at the W20 conference in Berlin. Nepotism must be a powerful drug if Ivanka can get on the national stage and make this claim with a straight face. I’m sure the loads of Botox stop her from smiling naturally but if she had even an ounce of self-awareness she would have never made this statement. Thankfully, the audience didn’t let this slide and booed her.

5. Shea Moisture — When black women find a hair care product that works with our hair we are obsessed with it. So yes, I’m pissed that Shea Moisture has changed their formula which was specifically designed for black hair and changed their marketing campaign to cater to white women. Already, white women can go to the salon and be out in an hour instead of the four hours plus black women have to endure. The least they could do is leave us our Shea Moisture hair care products.