5 Things To Piss You Off This Week

1. White Teens ask a black teen to prom in the most offensive way possible. 
Two white teens in Florida (I know Florida again) decided it would be cool to ask their black teen “friend” to the prom with a poster that said “You may be picking cotton but we’re picking you to go to prom with us.” The father of one teen claimed it was an inside joke because the black teen’s grandmother owns a cotton farm in Alabama. Normally, I would give teens a pass because they do dumb stuff sometimes but you can’t convince me that these two white girls didn’t know that a sign about a black girl picking cotton was a dumb idea. Jesse Williams from Grey’s Anatomy said it best. “Trash and tragedy the likes of this requires a great many failures, lies and omissions, working in concert, publicly and privately, to achieve this level of destructive dumbf**kery.” God, I love him.

2. Obama’s National Security Adviser Susan Rice is the latest distraction in the Trump Russia saga.
It’s bad enough this woman had to endure being blamed along with Hillary for Benghazi. But now, Trump is using her as evidence of his claim that Obama wire tapped him during the election. Trump has the brain of a middle schooler with ADHD. His tweets are for lack of more descriptive words batshit crazy. But why does the press go along with every ridiculous claim he makes. This latest one doesn’t even make common sense. If Obama was out to get Trump, wouldn’t he have released all of this information before the election? It’s like his claim that millions of illegals voted in this conspiracy to rig the election but they didn’t vote in the states Hillary needed to win. So Obama is an evil mastermind who also isn’t very bright. Either way, I’m pissed that another black woman is being dragged through the mud by this administration and his minions. At least Rice is in good company. April Ryan and Maxine Waters were all on Trump’s hit list.

3. Rachel Dolezal is back.
Stop trying to make Rachel Dolezal happen. A woman who pretended to be black is getting more attention than actual black women. And worst that than, her braids look better than mine.

4. Asking Tom Perez to apologize for saying ‘republicans don’t give a shit about people’.
That’s right. Republicans who elected a guy who likes to grab women by the p***y, told his supporters to beat up people at his rallies and mocked a disabled guy are clutching their pearls because a democrat had the audacity to say what everyone who saw the Ryan “healthcare” bill and the Trump budget was thinking. Come on. Trump wants to cut Meals on Wheels. It’s obvious to everyone that they don’t care about people. Maybe Perez should have said that republicans don’t give a shit about people who aren’t in the 1%. That would have been more accurate.

5. It took too long for Bill O’Reilly’s sponsors to bolt.
Bill O’Reilly is a pervert. I’m not sure what is in the water at Fox News but between Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly, women didn’t stand a chance. So I don’t understand why it took sponsors so long to abandon the sinking ship that’s the Bill O’Reilly show. O’Reilly first settled a sexual harassment claim in 2004. Since then Fox has paid out millions with women who claimed O’Reilly harassed them then destroyed their careers if the women didn’t go along. O’Reilly paid out millions of his own money to settle more claims. Finally this week, Mercedes Benz, Hyundai and around 10 other companies have pulled their ads from his show. But I’m still pissed that a sexual predator could have a leading show on a major network for so long while preaching family values. I can’t wait to see his smug face when his show folds. Maybe he can write another book to go along with his Killing Jesus, Killing Reagan, Killing Lincoln, and Killing Kennedy series and call it Killing My Career (No Means No).