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Bernie Sanders Has A Race Problem

And it’s not going away

Bernie Sanders is dog whistling again. Scratch that. He’s not whistling; he’s bull-horning. While Democrats were registering new voters, pushing to get Democrats electing in the mid-terms, Bernie was campaigning for 2020. After the mid-terms, while Democrats made big gains in taking back the House of Representatives , electing Democrat governors, taking over state houses and passing initiatives including restoring the right to vote for 1.5 million ex-felons in Florida, Bernie was gloating over Democrats not taking back the Senate.

I was actually waiting for Bernie to hold a press conference and call out the losing campaigns from the mid-terms with claims that they didn’t “show him love” like Donald Trump did. Instead Bernie has decided to once again make excuses for White people supporting racists politicians like Ron DeSantis, Steve King, and Corey Stewart. In an interview with the Daily Beast, Sanders said “I think you know there are a lot of white folks out there who are not necessarily racist who felt uncomfortable for the first time in their lives about whether or not they wanted to vote for an African-American.”

I hate to break it to Bernie but not voting for someone because they are African American is, you know, racist. Bernie acknowledged that these politicians ran racists campaigns (come on, there were robocalls using slave dialect), but wants to absolve the White people who voted for them anyway. People may want to give Bernie the benefit of the doubt because he marched with Dr. King that one time or so his supporters claim but this is a ridiculously ignorant statement. And it shows once again that Sanders has a problem with racism and no problem making excuses for White people.

This isn’t even the first time Bernie has made a cringe worthy, racist comment. He said this about black and white gun owners “Guns in Vermont are not the same thing as guns in Chicago or guns in Los Angeles. In our state, guns are used for hunting. In Chicago, they’re used for kids in gangs killing other kids or people shooting at police officers, shooting down innocent people.” Let that one sink in. During a meeting with leaders from the Ferguson protests, Bernie asked “Aren’t most of the people who sell the drugs African American?” After he was shown the data that demonstrated most people selling drugs are not African American, Bernie had trouble accepting it. He and his supporters have also claimed that Black voters didn’t know enough about Sanders or they would support him as if we Black voters are incapable of researching and deciding which candidate more aligns with our values.

I understand Bernie’s so-called populist ideology. I support addressing the economic disparity in this country but it will not fix the underlying issue of racism. It doesn’t matter if the minimum wage is $15 an hour, if I’m not being interviewed for the position because I’m African American. And his notion that Medicare for All is an elixir that will cure all that ails this country overlooks the racism that makes poor Whites vote against it. These people don’t want to share the pie with people of color. They would rather not have any healthcare than vote for policies that will allow Black folks to have it.

That is why there was such uproar over Obamacare from the so-called tea party. They didn’t want a Black man to give them anything even if it was healthcare. And they certainly didn’t want Black people to benefit from it. Notice how the tea party vanished despite Trump raking up debt that the tea party was so concerned they stapled tea bags to their hats and spit on congressmen as they walked by.

It’s not just that his comment gave White voters another pass for voting against their own interest. It was the timing. After the widespread disenfranchisement of African Americans voters in the mid-terms, Bernie wasn’t just tone deaf, he was offensive. African American voters in Georgia waited as long as four hours to vote while hundreds of voting machines sat in a warehouse. Voting machines were sent to polling locations without power cords. And hundreds of thousands of voters were dropped from the voting rolls. Medicare for all doesn’t fix this.

Look, it’s no secret that I don’t like Bernie Sanders. And I will never understand the cult-like love for him. His record in congress is so thin; you could roll legalized weed in it and smoke it. He has passed just three bills during his time in congress and two of them named post offices. Bernie hates being asked any tough questions which is why he goes to the places that will toss a few tissue balls at him and tell him how he’s the new face of the Democrat party despite being in congress for decades. When he is questioned, he gets crazy angry just like Trump as seen in the video below when he was questioned about his record on missing votes in the Senate.

So, Bernie is no ally to the Democrats and that’s a fact. This latest excuse for “white grievance” is frustratingly ignorant. It’s overlooks that people of color have voted for White candidates as long as they have had the right to vote. If White people are dismissing Black candidates just because they are Black, that’s textbook racism. After this statement, I’m not saying Bernie is racist; I’m just saying racists believe he is.