I wanted to start a cheap beer review blog for two reasons.

ONE: To keep in touch with my beer-loving homegirl Natalie
TWO: To convey that cheap beer should not be frowned upon.

So check it out. This is the first of many.

“I want something fruity but I want it to be beer.” -Losa, a chill homie

After a hellish week of traveling to and fro on buses, planes, trains, cars, and moving walkways (those are so fun cuz they make me feel powerful and strong: two things I am not) I decided that I wanted a drink.

I wanted a cheap beer.

This craving began when I was staying at my friend DZ’s apartment in Austin, TX. DZ’s roommate was spinning tasteful records for the night with the company of a few cigarette boxes and a 24-bottle case of Miller Lite.

DZ’s roommate looks exactly like a young Bob Dylan

He looked over at us and respectfully announced, “I am going to turn up the music as I drink more beer, so please let me know if it’s too loud and I will turn it down.”

Every half hour or so we would hear the clink of a bottle, and the volume of the music would go up a notch.

This was legit poetry in real life.

After this experience, I wanted to bring back the Bohemian romance and the Beatnik beauty of cheap beer. So here we are, on review #1, from a mixed 12 Pack of Rebels from Samuel Adams.

I’m going to be reviewing the Grapefruit IPA, just cuz that one was the most memorable. Here we go!

Beer Name: Samuel Adams REBEL Grapefruit IPA 
ABV: 6.3%
Origin: Boston, MA
Price: $7.99 for a 6-pack


Damn, this tastes like liquid summer. This crisp and refreshing beverage is ideal for the post-airplane grime I’m trying to get out of. It tastes more like a golden ale instead of a hoppy IPA with just a refreshing spritz of grapefruit.

This is a beer I could enjoy just by itself or accompanying a social meal. It has a personality of its own but it would also be a nice drink to wash down a veggie burger and some sweet potato fries (baked, not deep-fried, please).

Also the can is cute. It has a grungy design with big bold letters that makes me feel like a badass millennial drinking it.

RATING: 7/10

It’s pretty, it’s cheap, it’s tasty. Next time, I’m just gonna get a 6-pack of Grapefruit IPAs instead of the sampler pack. I’ve found my favorite!

That’s all for now. I’m drinking a Shiner Bock Seasonal blend while I’m reviewing this, so expect another review soon!


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