Zedd – I Want You To Know/Addicted To A Memory/Beautiful Now

Zedd’s new album True Colors will be soon released. Three singles came out from the album: I Want You To Know, Addicted To A Memory and Beautiful Now. You can listen to all the songs on YouTube.

I Want You To Know [feat. Selena Gomez]

Selena Gomez joins the song as a vocalist. Her voice and Zedd’s synthesizer sounds go head-to-head and glitter as the sparks fly. Synthesizer sounds flow throughout my body like blood. My body is suffused with the sounds. I want to dance!

Addicted To A Memory [feat. Bahari]

The synthesizer sounds in this song look like flying pieces of a block of ice broken with something acuate such as a pickel. The sounds include Bahari’s voice and lead to the atmosphere like a religious festival. Believers worship electronic sounds.

Beautiful Now [feat. Jon Bellion]

I want to sing along to the impressive phrase “BAH BAH BAH BABABAH BAH BAH BABABAH BAH BAH BAH BABABAH BABABABA” with all of music lovers. The phrase is repeated and mixed with strong bass drum to touch listeners’ heart.