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We Need to Talk
Let’s chat about my oddball thoughts on family, relationships and activism — with a dose of comedy, too.
Note from the editor

The original goal for this publication was to discuss family, dating and relationships. But every blue moon, Shamontiel has a digital chat with readers about activism, childhood and college memories, education, politics and voting, and anything else that doesn’t quite fit in her other five publications. Additionally, check out “Black Voices In Marketing,” too. That feature page is a combination of her experiences as a Public Relations representative in the legal and real estate industry, and a year-plus of working for education marketing magazines. Do you feel like “we need to talk” more about a topic or have a pitch idea for her to write? Visit Shamontiel.com

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Shamontiel L. Vaughn
Check out her six Medium pubs: BlackTechLogy, Doggone World, Homegrown, I Do See Color, Tickled and We Need to Talk. Visit Shamontiel.com to read about her.