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We Need to Talk

Creating a ‘social isolation dream board’

My ‘fix it’ dream board and other useful ways to spend your free time

Photo credit: Cesar Carlevarino Aragon/Unsplash

I used to think it was annoying when I was a kid. I’d want to hang out with my (late) grandfather in his basement, but he’d always be fixing something or gardening. Meanwhile I would much rather hang out at Chi Tung, or play Tonk, Blackjack or War with him. Sometimes I’d settle…




Let’s chat about my oddball thoughts on family, relationships and activism — with a dose of comedy, too.

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Shamontiel L. Vaughn

Shamontiel L. Vaughn

Check out her 3 Medium pubs: I Do See Color, Tickled and We Need to Talk. (Doggone World and Homegrown are now on Substack.) Visit Shamontiel.com

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