Creating a social isolation exercise video playlist

22 free fitness videos to get you active indoors

At 8 a.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays and (now) Thursdays, my parents’ phone rings. My father, who is working from home, already knows who it is, and my mother has her workout gear on and is ready to go. We pick a video, put our phones on speakerphone and mute in case we need to talk to each other, and for anywhere from 15–40 minutes, we’re ready for action: pilates, yoga, WERQ dance fitness, aerobics and even exercise ball crunches.

Since we live too far away from each other to work out together, and coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) risks have made our decision for us (i.e. social isolation), exercising via phone is convenient for both of us and saves gas money. Plus we’re forced to do it because one of us will always call the other to make sure it gets done.

I used to be a gym rat who spent almost all of my lunch breaks at my last corporate job in fitness classes. Then sometimes I’d just go freestyle on one of the treadmills or ski machines. After quitting my job, I decided to join a nearby gym. For a full year afterward, I did that. And although I loved the fitness instructors and a few front desk folks — regardless of the valet drivers being racist as all hell, another story for another time — I decided to exercise at home. I’d already given up cable in July 2019 and found myself streaming everything on ROKU or Philo. So why was I paying for gym membership again when my favorite videos could be streamed for free?

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In the latest results from a consumer report by L.E.K. Consulting, “COVID-19 in the U.S.: Consumer Insights for Businesses,” at-home fitness has gotten a 35–40 percent increase in consumer purchases. And even free fitness videos often have sponsors or get paid cost-per-mille (CPM) for every 1,000 ad views. So while it may not be raking in the cash that a traditional gym membership does, at least you can still support your favorite fitness instructors.

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But with social isolation in full effect, I’m not even humoring the idea of exercising with a face mask or my usual 30-minute to one-hour dog walks. I have a tough enough time trying not to yell at people in self-checkout lines for standing too close to me.

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I don’t have the energy nor the patience to deal with being the six-foot-distance-police while exercising, plus Mayor Lori Lightfoot is watching over Chicagoans like we’re teenagers on punishment. Parks have already been closed. It’s way too easy for me to sit in front of my computer for hours on end and watch Netflix. But I will not. Once you lose the habit of being active, it’s extremely difficult to get back into gear once social isolation ends.

Photo credit: Nappy/Pexels

If you’re someone who is trying to get active but can’t go to the gym, want to save money on gym membership (after things go back to normal) or just want an exercise buddy to work out with you, I strongly recommend streaming some of your favorite exercise videos online. You don’t have to have a huge TV screen and streaming service to do it (although I highly recommend it and it saved me $75 extra on cable bundles). It’s simple enough to do on your tablet. While we’re getting face mask friendly, don’t forget the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s tips on daily moderate exercise — that includes indoors.

My YouTube Streaming Top 10 Recommendation Starters:

For people who love to dance (hip-hop/pop):

  1. WERQ fitness: “Uproar” by Lil Wayne (choreography by Haley, accompanied by Lorrie and Missy)
  2. WERQ fitness: “Purple Hat” by Sofi Tukker (choreography by Haley, accompanied by Tara, Betsy and Tiffany)
  3. WERQ fitness: “Bickenhead” by Cardi B (choreography by Tara, accompanied by Miguel and Haley)
  4. WERQ fitness: “Youngblood” by 5 Seconds Of Summer (choreography by Danielle, accompanied by Haley)
  5. WERQ fitness: “My Oh My” by Camila Cabello ft. DaBaby (choreography by Lorrie, accompanied by Jennifer and Allison)
  6. WERQ fitness: “Machine” by Imagine Dragons (choreography by Lorrie, accompanied by Kiley)
  7. WERQ fitness: “Gone” by Afrojack ft. Ty Dolla $ign (choreography by Haley, accompanied by Missy)
  8. WERQ fitness: “IDGAF” by Dua Lipa (choreography by Lorrie, accompanies by Bianca and Danielle)
  9. WERQ fitness: “Attention” by Todrick Hall (choreography by Jenny, accompanied by Danielle and Saffire)
  10. WERQ fitness: “Pep Rally” by Missy Elliott (WERQ Dance Fitness #PepRallyChallenge)

For exercise ball/therapy ball enthusiasts:

  1. Upside-Down Pilates — Exercise Ball — Lesson 53” | Full 22-Minute Pilates Workout — HD
  2. Rosalie Brown Therapy Ball Workout
  3. Denise Austin: Core & Legs Workout
Photo credit: Nappy/Pexels (left, right)

For people who are into yoga/mindfulness/stretching:

  1. Yoga Flow Workout: Level 1” | Core- Jess Taras
  2. Yoga Flow Workout: Level 2” | Jess Taras | BeFiT
  3. Lower Body Yoga Workout” | MyYogaWorks- Alex Crow
  4. 30-Minute Power Yoga For a Sculpted Core” | Koya Webb, founder of Get Loved Up
Photo credit: Nappy/Pexels

Short workouts for people who aren’t into long aerobics routines:

  1. 10 Minute Abs Workout with Kelli and Daniel” — At Home Abs Workout NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED
  2. Total Body Exercise Ball Workout Video — Express” 10 Minute Physioball Workout Routine
  3. 10 Minute Ballerina Beauty, Long Legs, Tight Booty Workout” by Tiffany Rothe
  4. 10 Minute Booty Shaking Workout part 2!”​​​ | TiffanyRotheWorkouts​​​
  5. New Sexy Summer Workout — Bodilicious grooves”​​​ | TiffanyRotheWorkouts​​​

Note: There are 34 recommended videos from Tiffany Rothe that I have on my playlist. Click here to see them all.

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Shamontiel L. Vaughn

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We Need to Talk

Let’s chat about my oddball thoughts on family, relationships and activism — with a dose of comedy, too.

Shamontiel L. Vaughn

Written by

Check out her six Medium pubs: BlackTechLogy, Doggone World, Homegrown, I Do See Color, Tickled and We Need to Talk. Visit to read about her.

We Need to Talk

Let’s chat about my oddball thoughts on family, relationships and activism — with a dose of comedy, too.

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