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Memoir, Near-Death Experience

Cheated Death 4 Times & Survived!

Your Guardian Angel Secures Your Success With Cheating Death!

Deon Christie
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cheating death and survive
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What you will learn from this story.

  • At age 7 when I was attacked by a bullmastiff.
  • The motorcycle accident I walked away from.
  • Drink spiking when I actually died for a while.
  • Car hijacking facing 5 armed assailants.

At age 7 when I was attacked by a Bullmastiff.

The year is 1976 when I was but 7 years old marks the first time, I think death came for me. It was actually the neighbor’s dog, which we discovered later had a history of attacking children. But it is not always the animal’s doing.

As the story goes, this dog was severely abused by kids passing by the house from school. Naturally, it created some form of defensive mechanism as a result. As far as attacking me, I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

For some reason, this dog (a lion in comparison to my size at the time) appeared to have created a strange bond with me. And the neighbors were so happy, finally, it seemed that it had found a way to let go of that anger. So the dog and I became “friends” — or so everyone thought.

Then it happened, unexpectedly and completely unprovoked. The dog viciously grabbed me by the head and ripped me to shreds. Our neighbor then managed to get the dog off of me, but by that time there was little left of my face.

Hysterically, my mother tried lifting me over the fence from the neighbor’s house. But I was so drenched in blood that I kept slipping out of her hands. From the left side of my face, my teeth were visible. While my left eye basically ended up on my cheekbone.

My dad was there in an instant too, as was the ambulance and the neighbor was even more shocked than everyone else. At the time (1976), a plastic surgeon and specialist had to be flown in from Israel if I recall correctly.

But his name, I will never forget, a Dr. Hirsch. I don’t know how he did it. But not only did he repair my face, but he also saved my eye. If it was not for him, chances are I would’ve been blind.

I spent nearly two years in the hospital for facial reconstruction, and nerve damage repair and I can’t remember all the other fancy medical descriptions. Of the entire incident, I recall very little — perhaps my brain just blocking out the thoughts.

The sad part about this is that I was never again able to develop any kind of bond with a dog. The connection is forever lost. Although I will never hate or harm a dog, or any animal for that matter, I will not keep a dog.

I am more of a cat person now. But luckily, I have no fear of dogs. I just keep my distance. So, I have these scars as a reminder of when life tried to destroy me and failed at age seven. But I think the most damage was done mentally, as much of my childhood memories are but a blur. Like my brain kind of switched off for a while, if that makes sense.

The ability that this burned into me, is the silver lining of the story. At an early age, I realized that in the blink of an eye, you can be no more. Therefore, death no longer scares me. None of us is getting out of this thing called “life” alive anyway.

If your number is up, then your number is up. And I am not going to live in fear of that inevitable day. In life-threatening situations, I am wrapped in a strange calmness and zero fear. Death is as much a part of life as life itself — it’s merely the flip-side to the coin.

The motorcycle accident I walked away from.

The year is (1985/1986), I think when I was around 16 or 17. I loved my motorcycles, being young and dumb, with the need to prove something. I am so glad one grows out of that… well, most of us do.

Yes, we were racing. And to crown it all, we were stupid enough to do that in the mid-town of a tiny suburb. I think it must have been the sharp turns at a high speed that fed this adrenalin junkie (at the time).

Yes, I too was young and am pretty convinced a lot more reckless than most. Because of my first encounter with death, I had and never will have any fear of it. But the 180 to 200km/hour (around 120 Miles per Hour) race ended in a split second!

The guy in front of me crossed a yielding sign, looking back for traffic and punched it. Naturally, I looked back to be sure to, and punched it! Not noticing my buddy in front of me had engine trouble and was almost stationary.

My motorcycle’s front tire lined up perfectly with his rear tire, and no time to even touch the brakes! I took off like a rocket into midair hitting the tarmac head and neck first. So much so that my helmet shattered!

Behind us, at the time of our recklessness. A paramedic was driving not far behind and witnessed the whole incident. I was lying around 100 meters from the accident scene, while both motorcycles were complete wrecks.

The paramedic was shocked when I got up and walked toward my motorcycle to try and pick it up. Obviously still in shock and flooded with adrenaline, and a little disoriented. They calmed me down and sat me down to check on me.

His wife was with him in the reaction car, and he told her to focus on the “other guy” while he checked on me. But he told me that he was quite convinced I did not survive, considering the angle at which I hit the tarmac head-first. So, from the paramedic’s point of view, I should not have survived this one, but here we are. Just wasn’t my time then, right?

In this high-speed accident, I broke my right collarbone and fractured my shoulder. Which happened on my way up and hitting my friend's helmet. That’s it! My buddy, luckily, walked away unscathed.

Although, now I am growing older (54) and counting. The stupidity and younger years’ recklessness now turn to pain… back pain, neck pain. But when you’re young, that does not matter.

As the saying goes, “In order to be old and wise, first you must be young and dumb.” The whole point in life is to “die young, as late as possible!”

Growing old is compulsory; getting old is a choice in my opinion. Although, I have simmered down quite a bit. I still do stupid stuff, just a bit slower now.

Drink spiking when I actually died for a while.

This must have been around 2000 to 2002, as we went out clubbing. It was our favorite spot, and we were quite well-known there. A good friend of mine was the manager at this particular club, so we always enjoyed VIP privileges.

Long story short, we had a blast. But unfortunately, my drink got spiked with a lethal dose of liquid Chrystal meth. I blacked out and woke up in the hospital, thanks to friends being there. Always better to go in groups, right?

All my friends and family were already at the hospital when I woke up. I couldn’t understand what had just happened. What seemed like seconds had been hours as doctors and hospital staff struggled to stabilize me.

Turned out, I died on the table. Family and friends were contacted the minute I arrived in bad shape at the hospital. For how long I was a goner, I am not sure. All I know is that the time of death allegedly was already called. Then I just started up again and sat up straight.

The hospital staff looked like they saw a ghost! Perhaps they did, who knows? According to doctors, although I don’t understand all the fancy medical terms, and toxicity percentages, there was four times the lethal liquid Chrystal meth dosage in my system.

Four times the lethal dose! According to doctors, I may have suffered minor brain and heart damage during this ordeal. But around 20-odd years down the line, I am thankfully in perfect health.

Exactly where I was “during the time of death,” I am not sure. I do not remember anything, just darkness and indescribable peace. I felt a tranquillity, a kind of feeling when you reach a destination. It felt like turning off the lights as if it is now over.

Believe this to be fiction or fact. I have no reason to lie to you because I do not make small talk about these kinds of things. Stories like these you never make up. As another saying goes, “Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it!” And, although I do not fear death, I do not disrespect it either.

Car hijacking and facing 5 armed assailants.

There I was invited to a braai (barbecue for my United States readers) at a friend’s place. While waiting in the driveway for the gate to open, a car boxed me in from behind.

At first, I thought it might just be more people attending the braai (barbecue). They were attending all right, but not for the food, but rather for my new VW Polo. But I think it was the sound system they were after.

Being an ex-DJ, I still like playing around with sound systems. So I installed a monster Sony Explode system, pumping in excess of 147 decibels. Those that know car sound systems, they will tell you that is pretty loud.

As mentioned earlier, my ability to stay calm in life-threatening situations, I think helped my guardian Angel on this particular day. I think this happened from around 2009 to 2012 somewhere. Before I knew it five armed assailants surrounded my Polo. I found myself staring down the barrels of five, 9mm pistols. I told myself, just remain calm because if you get nervous then so do, they. That can end badly.

As I know weapons, I knew that these were not air guns or BB guns. They were the real deal. That is how close I was — I could see the weapons clearly. From a distance, it is not always that easy to tell.

So I just complied. But, I also grabbed my wallet and threw it under the car as I got out. That, at least, would save me the hassle of getting all the cards reissued again. Then one assailant said, “Get into the car!”

“What? Do you think my IQ starts with a coma?” I responded.

He aimed his weapon at me and repeated, “Get in the car.”

To which I responded, “If you want to shoot, then shoot, but don’t miss!”

He just looked at me. Because at this point, I was ready for whatever comes. They must’ve thought this white boy is nuts, and took off with my VW Polo, leaving me behind. I might have almost pushed it a little too far in that moment. But, I was not going to get myself murdered elsewhere and my body be dumped somewhere in a ditch.

I will go out on my own terms, thank you very much!

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