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Make Money On Medium!

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how to make money on medium
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What you will learn from this article.

Make money by understanding the logic.

You have everything you need to make money online.

An ocean of information only requires precision.

Make money by understanding the logic.

To make money online, be it with Medium or otherwise, the logic remains pretty much the same. I have said it a thousand times, and I will say it again. If you want to make money, then you must outwork your competitors on every level!

But we will get to how you do that in the next chapter. The only way you win is by putting in more hours, writing and offering better solutions. And simply outwork, out write, and out will all your competitors. The logic basically is.

Product Or Service In Demand.

High-Quality Content.

Timing And Consistency.

GEO Location And Interest Targeting.

Never About The Money.

Those are your basic guidelines. The last is one of the most important. Because it must never be about the money, it must be about your content’s ability to offer solutions and solve problems.

When you solve people’s problems and offer (free) solutions (that actually work) then you gain your audience's trust. After that, the money will come on its own. Allow me to quote Zig Ziglar on this, and he is SO right!

If people like you they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.” — Zig Ziglar

You must also have several content marketing strategies in place, and for that, you must first understand what content marketing strategies are. It is a journey through information with the primary goal to solve a problem.

You have everything you need to make money online.

Sometimes easier said than done, but you really do have everything you need to make money online. Be it affiliate marketing or otherwise because the internet opened up a world of opportunity.

Trust me, I come from a time before computers, the internet, advanced technology, and TV. The internet simplified everything, but you need to know how to use what is right in front of you. And that is so easy! You really only need 2 things.

The Internet.

A PC Or Internet Connected Device.

That’s it! That is all you need to make money online. Yes, you will need to do research, and test more programs that you will later be able to recall and fail many times, many times over.

To make money online you must keep going until you succeed, not until you grow tired of trying. The super successful online marketers with sports cars and yachts deserve it. Because they are the ones that refused to give up against all odds!

Making money online is as simple as telling YouTube or Google what you are looking for. But before you can do that, you need to actually know what you’re looking for.

Searching for something like “making money online” will flood you with hundreds of different methods and strategies. You need to be more specific to avoid drowning in an ocean of information overload, but we will get to that next.

An ocean of information only requires precision.

As mentioned above, it really is as simple as just telling YouTube or Google what you are looking for. Although I personally prefer YouTube, because I like watching videos on how to do “stuff”.

First decide what you want to do, what is it you have the most knowledge about? What is it that you cannot stop thinking about? That is what we call your “profitable niche”, preferably something you’re obsessed with.

No really, because “obsession” is a word often used by the lazy to describe the dedicated. To describe that which they cannot see themselves accomplishing. They are revealing their weaknesses, not yours.

You can punch any keyword or search phrase you can think of into YouTube and Google. And I guarantee you, there will be an ocean of information and tutorial to solve your problem.

Unfortunately, this is a road less travelled because there are no lunch breaks here. There are no weekends, and there is very little time for TV. Because this is about research, it is about gathering knowledge and result in gaining trust.

You just need to punch in the right search phrases. What do you want to do? Choose smaller step-by-step kinds of search phrases. Learn how to research and do things on your own, that is how you come up with your own solutions.

Let’s say you want to know how to write an article that will hopefully go viral. Just for the purpose of this demonstration. Then perhaps search for something like “most searched titles in search engines”, or even, “most searched topics in search engines”.

Once you have a better understanding, you can move on to choosing the keywords and search phrases. Check the search volume and search volume prediction.

Next, you might want to look at something like “how to write an SEO-optimized body”. You are working your way through the steps of writing a great article, by simply searching YouTube and Google.

But you must also know the steps involved with writing great content before you can do the research, right? Well, ask YouTube and Google! It is up to you to “ask the right questions”.

And you will be opening not only an ocean of information but also a vast landscape with unlimited opportunities. YouTube and Google are your two best friends when you want to make money online.

Besides, never forget that your best teacher is you. If you do the research, sacrifice the hours, and fail a few times. Then you will never forget how to do what you have just learned. It will be burnt into your memory.

That is how you build up an arsenal of knowledge. The knowledge you will later need to stand out from a rather frighteningly large crowd. Knowledge is your only “secret weapon” and you have an ocean of information at your fingertips.

I really fail to see what you’re waiting for. All you have to do is learn how to properly use what has been right in front of you this whole time!

We’ll teach you how to write and publish your own Outrageously Profitable eBook in less than a week from right now! Even if you feel like you can’t write a complete sentence or can’t type to save your life! — Source

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